Set Sail with Nautical Artwork Trio

Growing up in coastal Massachusetts, I spent several summers working on a boat in Boston Harbor. This experience was the seed of my inherent fondness of the the rich blue’s and crisp whites of the classic—and currently very popular—nautical motif. With the goal of evolving and expanding my aesthetic, the nautical artwork below really speaks to a clean, modern look without sacrificing the endearing cuteness that is such a part of my signature style.

Navy Blue Nursery Art

Setting sail on a new design voyage always starts with a sketch. My trusty dear old friends pencil and paper are always the first ones I turn to.  Not seen in the photo is “Lady Eraser,” who also comes in very handy!

Sam Simon Sketching

Initially, I started brainstorming thematic shapes and silhouettes that work together for the composition—within the three panels you will see fish, sailboats, stars, anchors and a whale so large he had to stretch across two panels. Printed on a specially made canvas that is washable, the artwork will stay shipshape for many turns of the tide (i.e., when your son accidentally pees on them during a diaper change).

In the image below, I hand painted a format shape in navy and added the painted rope detail to add another design splash. I love bold graphic pattern and a well-edited color palette.

I created this artwork for the fabulous Bellini Design Studio and Showroom on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, but you can also find them on my website.


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