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Design Board: Picnic-Inspired Nursery

The new limited-edition red color option from Bravado Designs (available Monday 7/15) got us thinking about the bright red of gingham blankets and shiny cherries, and with the sun shining and summer in full bloom, we started dreaming of a picnic-inspired nursery! Hey, as we always say, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Picnic-Inspired Nursery Design Board

Cherry Photo, Fitted Aqua Raindrops Crib Sheet, Ioline Crib, Gingham Wallpaper, La Fitte Pendant Lights, Badger Basket Red CubbyBravado! Designs Essential Nursing Tank, ABC House Blocks, Presidio Glider, Bird Pillow, Oval Basket

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    Lovely! I think a picnic-inspired nursery is a charming idea. I haven’t come across one in here yet.

  2. avatar May Mosley says:

    Is that a picnic basket-inspired crib or what! Love it. It would really go cute with a red and white gingham bedding (not wallpaper).

  3. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    When one says picnic, the red and white gingham is always a part of the picture!