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Nursery Design No-Nos

During a recent interview, we were asked about mistakes that parents make when designing a nursery, and this got us thinking. So many times we’ve seen our friends, family members and clients decide to skimp on some items that can really help make a nursery function. After all the beautiful furniture, sentimental items and fun accents are in the room, it’s crucial to remember that the nursery needs to also be a functional space. So, today, here is our list of nursery must-haves that are the most overlooked!

1. Well-Placed Lamps. Lighting in the nursery is key to making the space function properly. Good overhead lighting (recessed lights, ceiling fixtures, etc.) are excellent for overall light in the room, but the additional ability to switch on a cute little lamp near the changing table or glider is hugely beneficial for those late night visits to the nursery. Don’t forget light bulbs with low to moderate wattage for soft light that’s not too harsh.

Small Table Lamps for Nurseries

2. Surface Areas. So many tasks take place in the nursery, from changing and feeding to playing and organizing, so it’s great to have a little extra work space wherever possible. Placing a side table next to the glider is definitely worth the investment; we would never recommend skipping this important furniture piece. If space permits, opt for a larger dresser/changing table too.

Nursery with Side Table

3. Nightlights. Ever stubbed your toe in the middle of the night? Enough said! Beautiful nightlights are readily available, so find some you love and place them both in the nursery and also in any walkways/hallways leading to the nursery.

Nursery must-have nightlight

4. Organizers. Truly—you will need them! Pick a style of organizer that suits your nursery, and make sure you have one wherever you might need it (i.e., on the changing table, in the closet and on the floor where you keep the goodnight reading). The ability to find things when they are needed is imperative for making the nursery work.

Nursery must-have storage basket

5. A Good Diaper Pail. We often find that parents want to forgo the expense of a diaper pail and refills, opting instead for a trash can. The primary downside is the odor. Trust us, making the investment in a good diaper pail, like the one below, will help make the nursery an inviting and lovely place.

nursery must-have Pink Ubbi Diaper Pail

Did we miss something that you think should be on the list? Be sure to share your comments below.


Thursday 22nd of August 2013

We absolutely love our Ubbi diaper pail - it completely seals in any odor and looks adorable in the nursery! A definite must have!!!


Monday 12th of August 2013

Wow, that night light is gorgeous and enchanting!


Sunday 11th of August 2013

Good tips. I think the title should not be No-Nos, though.

Jennifer A

Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Skip the fancy bedding sets! A baby can't even have a blanket or bumpers for the 1st year anyway. Just buy a few nice, soft bed sheets. :)

Sherri Blum

Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Great advice! I am so glad to finally have a stylish diaper pail on the market, too (as you've shown above). I've always despised the look of these "necessary evils"!