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Video: New Oeuf Elephant Crib

We got the opportunity to check out the brand new Oeuf Elephant Crib, and we’re excited to announce that it launches today. This is seriously the easiest crib to put together. Two people, ten minutes and you’ve got a chic assembled crib! Pam and Melisa give us the full scoop on Project Nursery’s YouTube Channel.

Let us know what you think of Oeuf’s new Elephant Crib in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We look forward to bringing you new content every week.

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    How much are you willing to spend on a crib, Ross?

  2. avatar May Mosley says:

    Well, you can spurge on the crib and scrimp on the other non-essentials :)

  3. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    675 retail price you say? Hmn…

  4. avatar Gianna says:

    This crib has a very cool, creative and practical design! I just hope it’s sturdy enough.