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Gallery Roundup: Monthly Baby Photo Displays

We love monthly baby photos, and we love the trend of displaying them at first birthday parties. Take a look at some creative ways in which Project Nursery readers are including their baby’s monthly growth into their party decor.

Monthly Baby Photos at First Birthday PartyTheme-less Photo Funtastic First Birthday Party by


Number 1 Photo CollageLuke’s First Birthday Circus by


Monthly Baby Photo Display at First BirthdayAmos’s First Birthday by


Monthly Baby Photo Display in Yellow FramesMr. Max’s Mr. Happy 1st Birthday Party! by


Monthly Baby Photo Circle BannerJake Martin’s 1st Birthday Party by


For more inspiration and your chance to be featured in a Gallery Roundup, visit our Project Gallery!

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  1. Hey! I blog about tips for displaying printed instagram photos.
    I often look around to find cool and different ways to display photos so I can
    blog about it. The ideas that you have got here are awesome, thank you for
    sharing and thank you for the inspiration!

  2. avatar KirstinD says:

    I love that photo garland where the face is cut and a party hat is placed on the head. Will have to do this for my baby’s birthday!

  3. avatar Zen says:

    Me too. I love the consistency of the background and the outfit!

  4. avatar Monica says:

    My fave among these monthly baby photos concept is that one used for Amos’s First Birthday.

  5. avatar Michelle says:

    Absolutely love this ! We are big fans of onesie stickers and include them in our BabyBundle (comes in two sizes) at and we get excited seeing the photos of the babies growth all year at the one year party !