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In the Nursery with Lauren Deneroff

This is our interview series where we bring you the nurseries and kid rooms of successful designers, entrepreneurs and moms. Through this series, our featured guests will divulge some of their design secrets and share stories of how their nurseries came to be.

We’re excited to share this reveal with you because it’s a wonderful example of what you can do to maximize space when creating a shared room. Lauren Deneroff is a mom of two and founder of mama{love}, a maternity consulting and baby planning firm on New York City’s Upper East Side. The newly revamped mama{love} offers pre- and post-natal services, including new parent coaching, registry guidance, nursery design and preparation, baby gear education and organizational services. She loves using her knowledge and experience to take the stress off of moms and help them get organized and prepared.

Lauren used those skills when it came to combining sleep space for her own children. New York City homes are known for their limited square footage, but Lauren was up for the challenge.

Tell us about your process in creating your nursery/toddler room and how your career helped!

I enjoyed playing interior designer. As a maternity consultant, I work with expectant moms in helping them prepare for their baby’s arrival. One service is helping moms set up the nursery of their dreams by getting it organized and functional. The actual look of the nursery lies on the shoulders of the professionals. In my case, the space was entirely my creation top to bottom. I envisioned a peaceful, happy, modern space for my kids to share and tirelessly researched how to make that happen despite the room’s restrictions. Every item I incorporated from the bedding to the wall art to the rug was planned down to the centimeter. I loved seeing it all come together.

Shared Small Space Nursery and Toddler Room

Was this Brody’s nursery before Harper came along?

Yes, when he was born, it was his nursery and fit everything he needed. When Harper came along two years later, I had to get creative to fit her in there as well. I chose a toddler over a twin bed for Brody, which helped save space. I kept the changing table in our bedroom. Every other inch I devoted to storage. I had so many ideas and had to cram them all in without overwhelming the room. 

Shared Small Space Nursery and Toddler Room

On top of working with a small space, you also had to create a room that’s boy and girl friendly. Will you tell us about that?

The most important thing for me was creating a gender-neutral shared space. I am not really a pink and blue kind of girl, so it was difficult to find a gender-neutral palette that I loved. When I came across Argington’s Fish & Pebbles bedding that could work for both genders, it all began to come together. I think the room is an example that you can create a great space for a boy and a girl with fun, bright hues, modern clean lines and unique accents.

Toddler Bed with Argington Fish & Pebbles Bedding

What’s the best thing you can recommend to other parents working with small spaces?

Don’t look at a lack of square footage as a roadblock but an opportunity to be creative. If you are in a situation like mine, do your research on sites like Project Nursery and get inspired. Anything can be done with a unique vision.

Nursery Decorative Accessories


Photo Credits: Jane & Pam Grecsek Photography

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Jillian Scotts

Monday 19th of August 2013

Small spaces can be both easy and challenging. Easy because you don't need to entertain a wide array of ideas and you only need a few elements to your decorating style and challenging because you cannot indulge.

Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy

Monday 19th of August 2013

I agree. But for someone like me who has tons of ideas and who finds difficulty choosing only one major style or theme or inspiration to go with, it's really more of a challenge. For small spaces like this, it's really hard to mix-and-match without ending up with a space that looks like a stockroom or, worse, half a basement or half a garage or half of whatever room you store your junk in. So I really admire people who can work with small spaces and create something beautiful and cohesive out of it.


Monday 29th of July 2013

That's a really small space, and she really did make it work!