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Giveaway: Caden Lane Crib Bedding Set

We are so excited about today’s giveaway from Caden Lane. For one, we love Caden Lane’s beautifully designed, quality crib bedding; secondly, we love the designer, Katy Mimari, our dear friend and PN contributor. She has such an amazing eye for mixing and matching patterns that result in a unique and stunning effect.

You love Katy’s design eye too—her daughter’s nursery is one of our most viewed nurseries in the gallery, and of course, it’s decked out in Caden Lane crib bedding. Now one of our readers will win a complete crib bedding set of your choice from Caden Lane (a $399 – $450 value!).

Caden Lane Crib Bedding Set Aqua and Coral

Pink Ruffled Chevron Crib Bedding

Green and Navy Polka Dot Crib Bedding

Caden Lane Crib Bedding Set with Pink Roses

Lime, Orange and Aqua Crib Bedding

Coral and Gray Crib Bedding

Pink and Aqua Floral Crib Bedding

That was just a small sampling of the lovely Caden Lane crib bedding sets that are available. Make sure you check out the selection on their website. Boy, girl or gender neutral, you’ll find a bedding set that can truly be the focal point of your nursery. Caden Lane even offers big kid bedding for when your little one outgrows his or her crib; not to mention, sweet accessories in some of the same eye-catching fabrics found in the bedding sets.

WIN IT! One Project Nursery reader will win a complete crib bedding set of your choice from Caden Lane (a $399 – $450 value!).

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  1. avatar Christy Hammock says:

    Would I be able to purchase the pink and red rose set?

  2. avatar chrissy blake says:

    This baby bedding is cute, but I went with a jungle theme for my Nicky’s room. We got a great deal at Burlington. It was about $40 less than I had seen it for anywhere else.

  3. avatar Vanessa says:

    I like the Carey bedding set – gender neutral

  4. avatar Dipti Patel says:

    Loveeee the aqua, pink, and white set with the frills! Soooo beautiful! :)

  5. avatar Dana says:

    I love the Girly Tiny Bouquet Crib Bedding!

  6. avatar Crystal H says:

    I would love to win a Caden Lane bedding set! Expecting baby#2 in October and I could use the boost to get things done. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. avatar Amy Lumley says:

    I love the Cade set for my son Cayden :) Also like the Preppy Navy with the green dots!

  8. avatar Jessica M. says:

    Love the coral & aqua set

  9. avatar Jennifer Johnson-Nickell says:

    I like so many of them!! But because I am expecting a boy my favorite is the Asher bedding! Love it! Thank you for the chance! =)

  10. avatar Melissa says:

    Vintage gray and yellow from the website is my favorite

  11. avatar Brenda Davis says:

    I would pick the Coral & Gray Crib Bedding. Love!!!

  12. avatar Blimi Ackerman says:

    love the green and navy polka dot bedding!

  13. avatar Joanna says:

    I would choose the Carey Bedding set.

  14. avatar Samantha Comfort says:

    Navy, sign me up.

  15. avatar Emily Angell says:

    Oh my goodness… so hard to pick! We are having a little girl named Ruby Anne, so I think the Girly Coral Rose would be so perfect for her!

  16. avatar Kellie Arata says:

    I like the coral and gray set. Super Cute!!

  17. avatar peggy fedison says:

    Bright Baby Green Crib Bedding

  18. avatar Rachel says:

    I love the purple garden bedding.

  19. avatar Dani O'Rourke Morris says:

    Just had a baby and would love to win this to decorats the nursery.

  20. avatar Jeannette says:

    Love the coral and gray!

  21. avatar April says:

    Bright Baby Gray.

  22. avatar Yesenia Rios-Galdamez says:

    I like the Dylan Bedding, it’s super cute.

  23. avatar Lau says:

    I whant the light blue and green crib bedding!! :)

  24. avatar amorette says:

    love the sandbox crib bedding

  25. avatar Svannah Morse says:

    Love the coral and teal bedding. So pretty and close to my daughters nursery colors. :)

  26. avatar Maranda says:

    Love the Vintage Gray Crib Bedding

  27. avatar Cassie says:

    I love the Avery bedding, and so many more of them too!!

  28. avatar Tamara Angello says:

    LOVE the coral and aqua and the pink chevron with ruffles!

  29. avatar MichelleH says:

    I love the Ashlyn set! It matches the Caden Lane blanket we received and would be perfect in the nursery together.

  30. avatar Sarah Cortell Vandersypen says:

    I like the lime, orange and aqua bedding!

  31. avatar Ashley says:

    Green and Navy!!!

  32. avatar Missy K says:

    Too many to choose from! Love the Sweet Damask Lace, Lacey Dot and Bright Baby Gray sets!

  33. avatar Stephanie S says:

    I would love the Luxe Blue!

  34. avatar Breanna Kelly says:

    I won’t know what we are having for a couple weeks so I’m madly in love the vintage grey. but if I had a a little girl I would totally get the Londyn bedding

  35. avatar Rachel Strasser says:

    Too cute! I love the mixing of patterns! The coral and gray crib bedding is my fave!

  36. avatar Avery says:

    The Pink Ruffled Chevron is so beautiful I could cry! I would LOVE to have that gorgeous bedding in my baby girl’s nursery!

  37. avatar Lauren says:

    The Cade collection is great!

  38. avatar Cara says:

    Love the green and navy combo, and the orange and turquoise – so cute!

  39. avatar Kristin J says:

    pink zigzags is my favorite

  40. avatar Jenn McClearn says:

    I would choose the Ryan set :)

  41. avatar Katrina Chrisman Buell says:

    I like the Gage Set! Love the colors and mix of patterns!

  42. avatar jennifercrewell says:

    I love the preppy navy boy collection

  43. avatar Julissa F. says:

    Love Love Love the Lila Bedding!! So cute!

  44. avatar Taylor TayandBaby says:

    I love the preppy navy boy bedding!! Would go perfect with little man’s theme :)

  45. avatar Janice says:

    I like the Cade bedding.

  46. avatar Mushka Lowenstein says:


  47. avatar Michele Laboy Miller says:

    I Love the Preppy Navy Boy crib bedding!

  48. avatar Jena says:

    Purple garden crib set!

  49. avatar Jenn S says:

    i love the girly zig zag! so pretty!

  50. avatar Cori P says:

    Ryleigh or Asher — our baby’s gender is a surprise so it would depend on what we have! Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. avatar Kelly D says:

    The navy polka dots is exactly what I’m looking for!

  52. avatar Stephanie Pan says:

    Love the Sweet Damask Lace Crib Bedding… so sweet and soft!

  53. avatar Heather Biggs Cook says:

    I love the Finley Bedding Set. Would be perfect for my Kingslee who will be here in December. :)

  54. avatar Kim says:


  55. avatar sara velis says:

    I like green and navy polka dot!!!!

  56. avatar Megan M says:

    These are all so cute and unique, hard to pick just one!

  57. avatar Sarah Isbell says:

    Love the gray and coral set! Perfect alternative for my new baby girls room instead of the traditional pink or purple.

  58. avatar Nicole Johnson Biddle says:

    Love the Ikat Citrus Bedding

  59. avatar Sarah K says:

    So many choices, I don’t even know how to pick a favorite. I like Bright Baby Grey Crib Bedding.

  60. avatar Kathleen says:

    My choice is the Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding. Love the mix of colors.

  61. avatar Toyatowns says:

    I love the Coral and Gray. Feminine w/o being fru fru!

  62. avatar Lynzi cook says:

    I would live the plaid bedding from the boutique collection! It fits our little mans nursery colors perfectly!

  63. avatar Mandy H says:

    I would absolutely LOVE the Lime, Orange, and Aqua crib set!!

  64. avatar sarah says:

    love the enchanted forest bedding

  65. avatar Jenni says:

    The lime, Aqua and Orange is adorable!

  66. avatar weeziestoy says:

    Today , I like the Dylan Bedding……but I saw several others I like….

  67. avatar Kayla Haralson says:

    I love the Ashlyn bedding!

  68. avatar NYC Godiva says:

    I like the Lacey Dot Crib bedding for my little honey

  69. avatar Claire Wages says:

    I would love to win so we could get the
    Enchanted Forest crib bedding!

  70. avatar Sadia says:

    I like pink sophie bedding its just anazing!!!!!it was hard to find as well:)

  71. avatar diana says:

    you have beautiful sets

  72. avatar Angela says:

    I love this bedding! My daughter’s room is already coral and aqua, and this bedding is so much nicer than the set we have!

  73. avatar sherly dho says:

    I like the Coral and Gray set!

  74. avatar CherryBomb says:

    These are so cute! Plus realistically they could be worked into any boy or girl theme :) I love them!

  75. avatar Jenna H says:

    I love the primrose bedding!

  76. avatar Nici R says:

    I really like the Cade bedding.

  77. avatar Karla-Rae Krekoski says:

    We aren’t finding out what we are having this time! So I’ve gone with yellow, grey and white for his or her bedroom and will throw in other colours as accessories to suit the gender after he/she is born. I would probably go with the Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding or the Vintage Gray but it would be so hard to choose!

  78. avatar Hayley B says:

    I would love to win the Asher crib bedding set!

  79. avatar Kelli Green says:

    I love the 2–Primrose Crib Bedding Set & the Girly Pink Leopard Crib Bedding!! My baby girl is due Sept. 6th!!

  80. avatar Crystal Grissam says:

    LOVE the primrose!!!

  81. avatar Megan says:

    I would love to win the Lila set for my baby girl!

  82. avatar Megan says:

    I would love to win this for my baby’s room!

  83. avatar Andria N says:

    I love the Vintage Gray bedding…it’s gray and yellow, perfect gender neutral colors!!

  84. avatar Elisa Giorgio says:

    The lime, orange and aqua would be just perfect for the nursery I’m planning!

  85. avatar Katie Parajon says:

    I would pick the Enchanted Forest crib bedding set

  86. avatar hannah bannister says:

    All of the colors are so cute, thank goodness I still have a few months to decide on colors ;)

  87. avatar Kristine Wagner Robinson says:


  88. avatar Emma says:

    The Bright Baby Gray set is perfect!!

  89. avatar Allie says:

    Ikat Pink Chevron…I’ve wanted it for over a year now!

  90. avatar Monica says:

    Like the aqua!

  91. avatar Kendra Feldman. says:

    Love the coral and gray. So many to choose from! Love all the prints and colors.

  92. avatar Dori dor says:

    I would love to win especially since we just got or large crib for,our first baby :)

  93. avatar Emily D says:

    My favorite is the enchanted forest bedding set and bumper. I love all the fabrics and colors!

  94. avatar Carli says:

    I love the ruffled bedskirts! Hard to choose a favorite, all are really cute!

  95. avatar Laurie Floyd says:

    So hard to choose! I would let my daughter choose since it is for my grandbaby but I will pick Modern Vintage Ava Bedding right now!! :)

  96. avatar Jackie Gee says:

    I like Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding

  97. avatar Sarah says:

    The coral and aqua set is so cute!

  98. avatar Sarah Q says:

    I love the Coral, Aqua and Grey bedding! Great for boy or girl!

  99. avatar Juanita says:

    Omg! I love them all, so hard to decide!!! For my lil boy, I would love the Jack bedding!!

  100. avatar Hannah D says:

    LOVE the Bright Baby Gray Bedding!

  101. avatar tanya ci says:

    The coral and gray is fantastic. 2nd choice is the vintage gray. Prettiness.

  102. avatar Rebecca Peters says:

    Plum crazy!!! Oh ! I LOVE it!!! <3

  103. avatar Miranda Welle says:

    I like the Avery Bedding

  104. avatar Karina Lee says:

    i like the Gage Bedding

  105. avatar Renee says:

    Very cute bedding sets!

  106. avatar Kat R says:

    I really like the coral and gray set for a girl, and the preppy navy for a boy, sooo adorable!!! ;)

  107. avatar Bailey says:

    I absolutely adore the Primrose Crib bedding. So chic!

  108. avatar Samantha says:

    So many pretty options!

  109. avatar Leslie G says:

    Love the enchanted forest bedding.

  110. avatar beautybycat says:

    Aww those bedding are mega cute!

  111. avatar katherine d says:

    love the Primrose Crib Bedding Set

  112. avatar Aura says:

    I like the cade bedding set

  113. avatar Paige Geggie says:

    The Coral & Gray bedding! <3

  114. avatar Michele R. says:

    I really like the Tanner set for a boy.

  115. avatar Sasha S says:

    My two favorites are the Ryleigh Bedding & the Londyn bedding sets.

  116. avatar Shirley Martinez says:

    I love the Girly Coral Rose!

  117. avatar Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I love the Parker bedding!

  118. avatar erin says:

    Love all the layering… they all feel organic and not so matchy/matchy! LOVE LOVE!

  119. avatar lizibeth says:

    I’m in love with the pink and gray “Sweet Damask Lace”!

  120. avatar Jen H says:

    I love the woodland crib set!!

  121. avatar Elizabeth P. says:

    I like the

    Asher Bedding

  122. avatar Addison K.A.T. says:

    I love the Ryleigh Bedding

  123. avatar sandra says:

    the blue green dot set

  124. avatar Rochel S says:

    I love the Lila Bedding!

  125. avatar Natalie S says:

    So many beautiful sets! Love the Hayden bedding and the Preston set.

  126. avatar ashleyelizabeth11 says:

    I love the coral and grey crib set. So cute.

  127. avatar Jerica says:

    i like the Carey bedding!

  128. avatar christy says:

    Purple garden!

  129. avatar Rachel says:

    I love the purple garden crib

  130. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love the Avery bedding set!

  131. avatar Sarah Buki says:

    love the green and navy polka dot you posted here but did not see it on their website…. :(

  132. avatar Danielle says:

    I love the gage bedding. Great colors and contrast of fabrics.

  133. avatar Amy L says:

    I LOVE the pink and aqua floral bedding!

  134. avatar Tina says:

    I usually always go for the simple bedding but, since I’m due with my 3rd girl I am really starting to look outside my comfort zone. I really like the Plum Crazy Flat Skirt Crib bedding!

  135. avatar Eg Kaufman says:

    Rylee bedding is very pretty!

  136. avatar ginger g. says:

    I like the coral and gray and the Ikat coral bedding! Either would be perfect!

  137. avatar barbara n says:

    I would love to own the Carey Bedding set! I love the red circles and stripes!

  138. avatar Eleana says:

    I like the coral and gray!

  139. avatar Colleen says:

    The Baby Gray set is GORGEOUS! Gender neutral = perfect for multiples! Very classic design.

  140. avatar Donnay says:

    Love love love that coral and grey bedding

  141. avatar Jackie M. says:

    The designs are all so beautiful! I really like the Lacey Dot set.

  142. avatar Aubree Faunce says:

    Ryleigh Bedding

  143. avatar Melissa says:

    I would love one of these crib sets for my new arrival!

  144. avatar Jensen Watson says:

    The sweet damask lace crib bedding is adorable!!

  145. avatar Grace Montalvo says:

    Or also these: bright baby gray crib bedding, bright baby green bedding, preppy navy boy or the Luxe Blue Damask Crib Bedding.

  146. avatar Shannon S says:

    I love the red one!

  147. avatar Grace Montalvo says:

    Love the Gabe bedding!

  148. avatar Victoria Paige Raspberry says:

    I would LOVE the Gage Bedding

  149. avatar Christy Isttc says:

    I think I would choose Ryan

  150. avatar Soo says:

    Love the Bright Baby Gray!!

  151. avatar Katrina Ayala says:

    Love the Green and Navy Polka Dot!

  152. It’s all so pretty!

  153. avatar Shannon F says:

    I’d love the Sophie bedding!

  154. avatar Stephanie Fuentes says:

    Ilike the Sandbox crib bedding.

  155. avatar Denise Ri says:

    I like the Cade!

  156. avatar Diane Birkenheier Carroll says:

    The vintage grey bedding is perfect–although I’d make my husband repaint the baby’s room :)

  157. avatar Tracy Padgett Johns says:

    I would love to have this bedding set: Luxe Blue Damask Crib Bedding!

  158. avatar Rachel R. says:

    I like the Cade bedding set.

  159. avatar Diana Cote says:

    I really like the polka dot ones i see on this post but they are not on the website, so if i had to pick from there it would be the Avery or Preston or Finley. XD it was really hard to chose and i still don’t know the sex of the baby. :s

  160. avatar Jennifer says:

    I like the coral and grey set.

  161. avatar Cassia Clayville says:

    I’m expecting a little boy this October and I’m in love with the Navy and Green crib bedding!

  162. avatar Angela Furr says:

    Wow! I am honored that Caden Lane used my bedding design for inspiration (see Project Nursery’s Graham’s Bright and Modern Nursery)! I would love to win a bedding set for my sister!

  163. avatar Christy Milner Cunningham says:

    I love the Ryan bedding set the most

  164. avatar mecarolks says:

    I love the lavender, lace, and primrose bedding.

  165. avatar Ania K. says:

    I love the Gage bedding – so fun and colorful!

  166. avatar brooke t says:

    Coral & Gray Crib Bedding

  167. avatar BarracudaRon says:

    Sean Bedding

  168. avatar Nikki Elkins says:

    I like the londyn crib set.

  169. avatar Ashley R says:

    I really would love the Ryleigh bedding!

  170. avatar Ashley R says:

    I love the ruffled bedskirts!

  171. avatar kek says:

    the lime orange and turquoise! soooo cute <3

  172. avatar Christina says:

    Love the Lacey Dot
    crib bedding so cute!

  173. avatar Rihanne says:

    Lacey Dot Crib Bedding! Loving the coral color!! :-)

  174. avatar Nicole Churchin says:

    Coral & Gray Crib Bedding!! :) so cute

  175. avatar Nicole C says:

    I’d love the Lacey Dot Crib bedding! : )

  176. avatar Lauren Zografakis says:

    Pink truffle bedding!

  177. avatar Lacey says:

    “woodlands” is very unique.

  178. avatar Jessica S says:

    I like the Aqua and Coral bedding set. We aren’t finding out what we’re having and it would fit boy or girl!

  179. avatar Bernadette N says:

    Sophie bedding!

  180. avatar Emily Johnston says:

    I would LOVE to win a crib bedding set. I have been looking everywhere and they are so expensive! Too expensive for a college student. I find out this friday if the baby is a boy or girl….so I don’t know which one to pick! I love the woodlands crib set. The yellow and gray print are perfect!

  181. avatar Jessica says:

    The coral and grey set and coral and aqua sets are adorable! So is the woodland animals. So many choice how does one pick?!?

  182. avatar Lindsay says:

    I like the lime, orange, and aqua bedding.

  183. avatar Melissa says:

    Baby bright green

  184. avatar Ruth S says:

    I love all of them and I’m hoping for a girl so the Primrose Rose and Londyn bedding!

  185. avatar Bernice says:

    I like the Ashlyn Bedding 4 Piece Crib Set ….It would be perfect for My Grand Daughter

  186. avatar Amelie says:

    The Coral and Gray Crib Bedding would fit perfectly with our little girl’s room!

  187. avatar brandee says:

    I like them all! Too hard to pick just one :)

  188. avatar Suzanne says:

    I like the bright baby green

  189. avatar Rachel says:

    I like the Carey bedding.

  190. avatar Heather Hicks says:

    I love the vintage grey bedding!

  191. avatar Tina McClimans says:

    Navy blue boy bedding, need it for my nautical nursery

  192. avatar Ashley Gates Morgan says:

    The Bright Baby Gray, Coral and Gray, and Ikat Citrus are my favorites if I must narrow it down.

  193. avatar Emily says:

    I like the Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding

  194. avatar CY says:

    The coral and grey bedding is beautiful.

  195. avatar katygmorris says:

    I’m in love with the Pink Truffle set! It’s perfect for the little girl I’m expecting!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  196. avatar Courtney P says:

    love the lime, orange and aqua crib bedding

  197. avatar Tiffany A. says:

    I love the Lacey Dot Crib Bedding! So pretty and simple!

  198. avatar Ashley Green says:

    Oh I cannot decide which one i love the most they are all so wonderfully done! What such good choices! I love them all!

  199. avatar samyra says:

    I like large moroccan print pieces

  200. avatar Erin H. says:

    I love the Sweet Damask Lace bedding. We are doing a pink an gray theme and it would be perfect!!

  201. avatar Tanitarae says:

    I love lacy dot!

  202. avatar Laura Mohan says:

    The Coral and grey set would be perfect!

  203. avatar K. Finn says:

    I like the Sandbox Crib bedding.

  204. avatar tweetyscute says:

    I would love the
    Bright Baby Gray Crib Bedding

  205. avatar ErinNova says:

    I am due Sept and would love our new baby to have the bright baby gray crib bedding. It is the perfect gender neutral!

  206. avatar LauraH says:

    I would LOVE to own the Jack crib bedding set

  207. avatar samantha s says:

    My favorite is the Avery. I usually like to pick gender neutral items since I’m planning on more kids. :)

  208. avatar Breann Arbuthnott says:

    Love the green, blue and orange set.

  209. avatar Kris Kipp says:

    I would choose the Avery bedding

  210. avatar Carolyn Pender Maurin says:

    Bright baby grey crib or Sean bedding! I love both just can’t make up my mind.

  211. avatar Lien says:

    I would like the Avery bedding.

  212. avatar Sarah S says:

    I love the Bright Baby Green Crib Bedding, especially since we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl.

  213. avatar Jaclyn says:

    LOVE the Girly Purple Leopard Crib Bedding. Thanks so much for the chance!

  214. avatar Amanda says:

    I love the Vintage gray bedding!

  215. avatar Joanna R. says:

    I like the Sandbox crib bedding!

  216. avatar janelle says:

    Lila is my favorite!

  217. avatar Angela Minear says:

    I LOVE Enchanted Forest!

  218. avatar Meredith says:

    I would pick the Hayden Bedding set.

  219. avatar Katie says:

    I love the grey and coral!

  220. avatar J. says:

    For a boy I really love the Avery Bedding in the Classic Collection! For a girl, the Finley collection is really pretty! Although I do love the first two sets in this post too. :)

  221. avatar Jackie B says:

    I love all the frilly girls’ bedding!

  222. avatar Ashlee Kay says:

    I love the Finley set!

  223. avatar Jenn K says:

    I love the Preppy Pink bedding set!

  224. avatar Camille Coffman Hatcher says:

    I would love the Finley bedding

  225. avatar Dorothy says:

    Ryan is perfect for baby boy

  226. avatar Anna says:

    I can’t get over how beautiful the Coral and Grey set is.

  227. avatar Lea Romero says:

    Vintage grey

  228. avatar stacey r says:

    I really like the one pictured above, the blue and orange one, but since I can’t seem to find that one of the website, my favorite one on the site is the Asher Bedding.

  229. avatar Kendal Barriere says:

    love the plum crazy bedding set

  230. avatar Madhuri says:

    love the Avery bedding, since I dont know the gender it suits me just fine

  231. avatar Shannon Gould says:

    The girly coral rose bedding is my favorite! I have been looking everywhere for bedding for my daughter’s nursery and that would be just perfect!

  232. avatar Sarah Untersee says:

    I like the preppy navy set!

  233. avatar Jenny Jenkins says:

    I did not see the dark blue from above, or the lime green and light blue from above, listed on the website? Those two are my favorites! The dark blue being my top! I had a crib bedding for my son, but his father and I split up and he would not let me have it. He was very childish about things. So now my son does not have any bedding for his crib and sleeps with me, but I need to start fixing that. What better way to start than with a beautiful new bedding set!

  234. avatar Katelyn Niemi says:

    Love the Aqua Coral Set!!!

  235. avatar Sara says:

    I like them all but would probably choose the vintage grey.

  236. avatar maegan delorme says:

    Plum Crazy Crib Bedding

  237. avatar Olga says:

    The lime, orange, and aqua bedding is so cute!

  238. avatar Tara says:

    I love the green and blue polka dot bedding!

  239. avatar Jennifer Lopez says:

    Lime, Orange and aqua! Love it!

  240. avatar Molly Bussler says:

    I love the Ashlyn bedding.

  241. avatar Jennifer Martir says:

    I love the Vintage Grey!

  242. avatar Monicaime says:

    My main color is turquoise so Ryan Bedding is the perfect way to go!

  243. avatar Brei H. says:

    Love the Pink Truffle Crib Bedding Set!!

  244. avatar Stephanie says:

    Hard to pick between the coral and aqua or coral and gray. Love them both!

  245. avatar Teresa Meeks Perkins says:

    The bright navy stripes set is ah-DOR-able!

  246. avatar mommyc says:

    I really love the Lacey Dot bedding! Perfect for our “surprise” baby!

  247. avatar Rosi E Rios says:

    love all of the bedding from Caden Lane!

  248. avatar Rachel says:

    I really like the Bright Baby Green bedding set and the Bright baby Grey set. Great colors that you can do any decorating with :)

  249. avatar Stephanie Kramer says:

    The Parker bedding set is adorable. I also Love Love Love the orange/green/blue set from the pictures above.

  250. avatar Briana Briggs says:

    Those are soooo cute!!!

  251. avatar juliana says:

    I would get the Ryan Bedding

  252. avatar Steph Green says:


  253. avatar pharmphun says:

    The Finley

  254. avatar Lee says:

    The Gage Ikat Collection would be perfect for my baby boy coming in September!

  255. avatar Lauren says:

    I like the coral grey and aqua as well as the grey white and pink

  256. avatar Renee Smith says:

    I love the lavender, lace, and primrose bedding. The colors are so gorgeous!

  257. avatar Amy says:

    I would choose the Sweet Damask Lace Crib Bedding. So beautiful!

  258. avatar Jenni L. says:

    I love the Asher bedding!

  259. avatar Shana says:

    Love the Bright Baby Gray!

  260. avatar Nicole K says:

    The Coral and Gray set would be PERFECT for my baby girl who is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks!

  261. avatar Brenna says:

    I love the coral in the first pic!

  262. avatar jerylin gan says:


  263. avatar Leah Gutierrez says:

    Bright baby gray is gorgeous!

  264. avatar Leah Gutierrez says:

    The bright baby gray is gorgeous!

  265. avatar Alison R says:

    I like the Carey bedding. So colorful and fun!

  266. avatar Jimmie Kennedy says:

    OMG, I want it!

  267. avatar Nicole Owens says:

    I love the Avery! I don’t know if we will have a boy or girl. This is great for both. Loving the polka dots and stripes! – The coral and gray would be great for a girl though. :)

  268. avatar Jennifer Kreisler says:

    Bright Baby Green Crib Bedding I LOVE the mix of colors and know I couldn’t have thought of doing this myself. Beautiful!!

  269. avatar Kim says:

    love RYAN bedding

  270. avatar Samantha M. says:

    Love the Coral & Grey Crib bedding!

  271. avatar Cristyn C says:

    navy blue boy bedding for sure!!!!!

  272. avatar Mel says:

    Love Love Love Caden Lane!!!

  273. avatar Sonya Morris says:

    I love the
    Purple Garden Crib Bedding!

  274. avatar Jenny G says:

    they are all adorable! I would go with the first one, since I’m not sure if we’re having a girl or boy, and I love the colors!!

  275. avatar MrsLKStandridge says:

    I would love this for our little girl to come room!!

  276. avatar Katie says:

    I love the aqua & coral crib bedding!

  277. avatar Nicki B says:

    I like the Coral and Gray set!

  278. avatar Suz McA says:

    i like the preppy navy boy crib bedding!

  279. avatar Nichole G says:

    I like the Ryan bedding since we have a boy, but all of the girly stuff is SOOO cute!