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Dressing Up Your Dresser

There is nothing more gratifying than making an old piece of furniture feel new and fresh with a simple update. Here are some tips on making your furniture pop.

Knobs, knobs and more knobs. Drawer pulls are such an easy (and inexpensive) way to give a dresser an instant makeover without lifting a paint brush. There are so many great knobs on the market today that can help make a typical dresser feel like the focal point. My favorite source for knobs is Anthropology.

Decorative Knob from Anthropologie

This is a trick that has become increasingly popular in home decor magazines. Wallpapering the back of a bookcase to create interest is a simple way to bring that piece to life. We recently used it for a Bellini photoshoot on our Jessica bookcase. This trellis design added a totally fresh feel to the room.

Wallpapered Bookshelf

This last tip is for the artistically inclined (no, I do not fall into this category). If you can paint a straight line or use a stencil, then refinishing a dresser or adding some decorative touches is a more daring approach to bringing an old piece of furniture back to life.

Painted Striped Dresserphoto courtesy of Chrissie’s Collection


Wednesday 4th of September 2013

I love those knobs that look like water pipe knobs or whatever you call them.


Monday 29th of July 2013

Two years ago I decided to redo my old dresser and went shopping for pretty knobs. There were so many cool and neat designs that I really had a hard time deciding which one to get. I thought I only had two choices: I get six, each of different design, and give the dresser different knobs (even if I know it will look ridiculous overall) or narrow down my choice to three knob designs and get two more dressers! Haha. Guess which option won.