DIY Paper Flower Pomander Tutorial

Lovely round balls of flowers, commonly known as pomanders, have been around as arrangements for centuries. With flowers made of paper, however, these DIY paper flower pomanders are a fabulous new twist on an old tradition. This easy-to-make project can be used for beautiful baby shower decor, as seen in this birdie baby shower, or as a whimsical decoration in a nursery—just keep them out of baby’s reach!

DIY Paper Flower Pomander Centerpiece

Flower punch (Martha Stewart hydrangea punch used here)
Two sheets scrapbook paper (one pearlized and one matte sheet used here)
90-100 Pearlized corsage pins
Styrofoam ball (4 inch shown here)

Flower Paper Punch

Punch about 180 of your “flowers.” How tightly you lay the petals together will make a difference in how many you need. It’s better to have too many than not enough! Curl the edges up slightly to give the flowers a little more volume.

DIY Paper Flower Pomander

Layer two of the punches on top of each other and put a corsage pin through the middle of both petals.

DIY Paper Flower Pomander Tutorial

Push the pin with the petals into the the styrofoam ball. Repeat until the ball is covered, making sure to cover all the white spaces of your ball.

DIY Paper Flower Pomander Tutorial
If you have a hard time finding corsage pins, you can use regular large-headed straight pins and spray paint the heads the color of your choice. Adjust the number of punched flowers you use based on the size of your styrofoam ball.

Pomander balls are very pretty displayed on top of candlesticks, vases or if you pin a length of ribbon into them, you can use them for hanging decorations as well. So many uses—such a simple project!


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    This is just too lovely, and I didn’t know it’s that easy to do! Thanks for this tutorial. Will definitely doing one. Or two. Or maybe five :)

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    We came across your article and just love the pomanders! We are sharing your post on our Facebook Page, hope that is ok! Thanks for the unique decor idea. Susan

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    This is absolutely beautiful. I’m not very craft, but I believe I can do this. For the one pearlized pedal, does it go on top?

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