Behold, a Baby Boy Born at Buckingham Palace!

In case you haven’t heard, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a healthy baby boy yesterday. In celebration of this exciting news, we couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite British-inspired designs. Just like any new mom, Kate Middleton might be searching our gallery to find some royal inspiration!

Union Jack Boy's Room Big Boy’s Red, White, and Cool Room by isadora

British-inspired design kids' roomImage via

Shoes fit for the Royal Prince!

Union Jack Soft Soled Baby Shoes
Union Jack Baby Shoes by Star Child Shoes

How about little (or big) do-it-yourself Union Jack accents?

British-inspired design union jack dresserUnion Jack French DIY Dresser by MerandaSnyder

And don’t miss the Maclaren Royal Baby Celebration taking place with great discounts, especially on this London-inspired stroller and gear set.

Maclaren British Stroller
Royal Baby Techno XT StyleSet by Maclaren


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    The Union Jack baby shoes are so adorable! Love the Union Jack French dresser, too. Really a cool way to show some UK lovin’!

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