Baby Registry: Baby Bathtubs

When you first start your baby registry, you realize just how many baby products are out there. It’s overwhelming for anybody but especially for first-time expecting parents, who, shall we say, have a lot of other things on their mind! We’d love to help you narrow down the playing field here at Project Nursery as you check items off your registry list.


Baby bathtubs have come a long way since I was shopping for my first baby. Check out the roundup below of everything from space-saving, foldable or collapsible tubs to high-tech tubs that give you a temperature reading of the water. And how about these bucket baby tubs? Apparently they are commonplace in Europe and are starting to make waves here in the US. Would you bathe your baby in a bucket?

Baby Bathtubs

Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub, Puj Foldable Bathtub, Fisher Price Whale of a Tub, 4Moms Clean Water Bathtub, WashPOD Baby Tub


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Don’t forget about BabyList, a one-stop spot to register for products from many different stores.


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    I’d go for the foldable or collapsible one then maybe switch to Washpod when the baby’s older and loves sitting up when bathing.

  2. 2

    If it’s practical and cheap, I would get my baby five bath tubs. New designs are just so cute!

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