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Baby Registry: White Noise Machines

When you first start your baby registry, you realize just how many baby products are out there. It’s overwhelming for anybody but especially for first-time expecting parents, who, shall we say, have a lot of other things on their mind! We’d love to help you narrow down the playing field here at Project Nursery as you check items off your registry list.


First up, we’ll be tackling the white noise machine. Many moms, including myself, swear by them to help baby get a good snooze. Options span from completely utilitarian to multitasking nightlights to cuddly and cozy.

White Noise Machinesaden + anais Serenity Star, Sound Spa Sleepy Snail, Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner, Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Machine Soother, Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System


Don’t forget about BabyList, a one-stop spot to register for products from many different stores. Will you be adding a white noise machine to your registry?

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  1. avatar Germaine says:

    Yeah, there are iPhone and Android apps for this.. I am using the Relax and Sleep for Android. I like all the selection of noises and sounds.. like ocean waves, rain, drums, rainforest, whales, chimes, violin, heartbeat, thunderstorm, etc.

  2. avatar Zen Edison says:

    I trained my baby to learn to sleep amidst any kind of noise. He can sleep with whatever background sound is there. I guess I just got lucky.

  3. avatar May Mosley says:

    Is getting a noise machine more economical than just playing a recording on your iPod or on your phone?

  4. avatar Romina says:

    My baby loves the sound of rain or ocean waves. I have it on CD, my phone and on my iPod. Really helps calming him down.

  5. avatar Beth says:

    White noise does sound a little bit like static. It’s great at blocking out the noises from the rest of the house.

  6. avatar Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy says:

    I wonder what they all sound like. Static channel?

  7. avatar cuteheads says:

    I’m in the market for a white noise machine, thanks for sharing!