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Vintage Horse Party Inspiration

It’s that time of year again—party planning time! I love asking my daughter what kind of party she would like each year. Her eyes light up, and she talks a mile a minute. We eventually come to a decision, and it may be a few themes combined into one, but it is always her call. This year she decided on a horse party. I asked her if she meant cowgirl, and I was told sternly, “That is not a horse party!” So together we browsed the internet and came up with THE horse party pinterest board. She wanted it pink, of course, and we are going to use mint and red as accents. There will be lots of DIY projects and, of course, sweet treats.

Vintage Horse Party Inspiration Board

Cupcake Liner Ribbons, Horse Wreath, Vase Wrapped in Leather Belts, Yeehaw Wands, Horse Candles

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    Yes, there are pony rentals and even petting zoos that you can rent for your kids birthdays. Depends on where you live, though. Google is your friend :)

  2. avatar Romina says:

    Yeah, same question. Are there horses or ponies for rent?

  3. avatar Debbie says:

    Did you get real, live horses too?