Skip Hop Nursery Design Event + Giveaway

I had the pleasure of spending two days with the amazing team at Skip Hop to pull off a truly one-of-a-kind Nursery Design Event that we are beyond thrilled to share with you!

It’s been hard keeping this one a secret folks! We worked with top design bloggers Oh Joy! and Lay Baby Lay, the founders of Layla Grayce and actress Tiffani Thiessen to make their nursery designs come to “real life”! I say real life because it wasn’t about staging unrealistic nurseries for pretty pictures and a catalog. It was about working with a budget and creating a room that you could see your own baby grow up in. At Project Nursery, we encourage our readers to find a single source of inspiration and here, each participant created an entire baby room with a pattern that inspired them the most using Skip Hop’s solution to bumper-free crib bedding, the “Complete Sheet.” It was our mission to let each of the designers’ personalities and design savvy shine through. After all, that is what we all know and love them for.

Skip Hop Nursery Event

So go ahead and vote for your favorites by visiting each nursery in our Project Gallery and selecting a star rating (with 5 stars being your favorite).

Alphabet Zoo Nursery
Treetop Friends Nursery
Springtime Birdie Nursery
Mod Dot Nursery

Vote very carefully because you can only vote once per project! Of course, our Nursery Design Event, in partnership with Skip Hop, would not be complete without incredible prizes daily such as a Complete Sheet set of your choice, nursery decor items and much more—plus one very lucky grand prize winner!

WIN IT! Comment on your favorite nursery to tell us why you love it for a chance to win awesome prizes daily from Skip Hop; you’ll also be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize Nursery package: Your choice of a 4-piece Complete Sheet bumper-free crib set, coordinating nursery decor accessories by Skip Hop plus the Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in an espresso with white finish by Babyletto!

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For information on where to purchase all of the items seen in the nurseries, visit Skip Hop or visit our Project Gallery for more details.

Photography Credit: Bellamy Blue Photography


  1. 1

    My favorite is the nursery design by Layla Grace. I love the aqua, pink and red combo, and the striped wall.

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

    Lay baby lay nursery is adorablez! Love the light turquoise paint brightening everything up.

  5. 5
  6. 6

    I love the nursery by Layla Grace. My favorite part is the striped walls. The springtime birdie sheets are so adorable & simple…they allow for other inspiration to be brought in the room. A nice accent for the room rather than the center focus.

  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10

    The springtime birdie nursery is my favorite. I love that it is has little girls touches, but isn’t babyish. It is a dainty room for a little girl to grow with. Plus, it is the colors chosen for my nieces nursery

  11. 11
  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17
  18. 18
  19. 19

    Awesome giveaway! I love the alphabet zoo room! It is so cute, and I love the mix of colors.

  20. 20

    I rated the Springtime Birdie Nursery the highest. I like the colors, the clean lines on the walls and the rug.

  21. 21

    It sure is hard to choose. I really like them all. I would probably choose Treetop friends or Mod dot to decorate our nursery.

  22. 22

    I love the nursery by Layla Grace. The colors are perfect for a girl’s room. So cute:)

  23. 23
  24. 24

    I love the alphabet zoo set, I love the colors and the design! Not only is it my favorite set, but lay baby lay used it to design my favorite room!

  25. 25
  26. 26

    I love the springtime bridie nursery. I love the colors and it is such a sweet design for a new baby girl!

  27. 27
  28. 28
  29. 29
  30. 30
  31. 31

    I love the Alphabet Zoo room. I like the idea of surrounding the baby with the alphabet to start being familiar with it at such a young age. Plus the coloring choices are great too! When I was a kid we had a Sesame Street Alphabet bedding set, so this brings back some nice memories.

  32. 32

    I like that the springtime nursery isn’t too girly. It’s the right balance of neutral colors and a pop.

  33. 33

    like the layla grace design of springtime birdies the best…would look the best in my daughter’s room

  34. 34
  35. 35
  36. 36

    I’m in love with the Springtime Birdie nursery. Precious. It was made for my Genevieve!

  37. 37
  38. 38

    I’m in love with the alphabet zoo nursery! it’s perfect since we don’t want to find out if we are having a boy or girl.

  39. 39
  40. 40
  41. 41
  42. 42

    I love the bright colors of the Alphabet Zoo room, and the fact that it is gender neutral. Would probably even work as a room for siblings

  43. 43
  44. 44
  45. 45
  46. 46
  47. 47
  48. 48

    My favorite is the nursery by oh joy! I love the bright yellow wall color and colorful wall decals.

  49. 49

    5 stars for the Springtime Birdie Nursery because I love the birds, orange color, stripes and chevron prints! Sonya Morris

  50. 50
  51. 51

    It does not surprise me that before I even looked at the designer, I had chose the springtime birdie nursery. I love anything and everything by Layla Grayce! I give this nursery 5 stars! I love the pale minty blue color on the walls and the springtime birdie is such a great yet simple pick for a girl.. (Did I mention I have 4 girls and love birds!) love this nursery! I also love the 2 tone furniture!

  52. 52

    Love the blue walls and yellow accents of the Alphabet Zoo Nursery. And the Alphabet Zoo crib set, of course!

  53. 53

    The treetop friends inspired room is my favorite!!! The little owls are too cute, the wall decals are whimsical and the rocking chair looks super comfy to nurse a baby in!

  54. 54
  55. 55
  56. 56

    My favorite is the Alphabet Zoo room, it could be very gender neutral and I love the paint color she chose

  57. 57
  58. 58
  59. 59
  60. 60

    I love the Springtime Nursery by Layla Grayce. It’s classy meets whimsy and the colors are perfect for a baby girl with an anti pink mommy!!

  61. 61
  62. 62

    My daughter has a ton of polka dots on everything she owns, so I have to go with the Mod Dot design by Tiffani Thiessen.

  63. 63
  64. 64

    I like the lay baby lay nursey. The colors are great. Tiffani’s room has some great colors, too, which I want.

  65. 65
  66. 66
  67. 67
  68. 68
  69. 69

    I adore the alphabet zoo bedding and room design; it’s bright,fun, and will grow with your baby!

  70. 70

    My favourite would be the Mod Dot, I’ve seen it before and loved it…seeing it as part of a nursery is even better!

  71. 71
  72. 72
  73. 73

    i love alphabet zoo-gender neutral & my toddler would love the letters (he & baby will share a room).

  74. 74

    I love the Oh Joy! nursery. It brings the outside world into the nursery in a cute, whimsical way!

  75. 75

    I rated the Treetop Friends Nursery 5 stars. I just love the bright yellow wall, the colors go so well together. I just love that the skip hop treetop bedding brings some nature indoors, we love being outside that’s why I chose this set!

  76. 76

    I love the cheery colors in the Treetop Friends Nursery. There are a lot of fun details without appearing cluttered or overdone.

  77. 77

    I love the nursery by Layla Grace. All colors in room go well together. The room looks fresh, stylish, and simply beautiful at the same time. Striped colored walls give the room a feeling of space and freedom.

  78. 78
  79. 79
  80. 80
  81. 81

    I love the Alphabet Zoo Nursery. The colors are so cheerful and I feel like this room could be used for either a boy or a girl.

  82. 82
  83. 83

    I love the Treetop Friends Nursery by Oh Joy! most! We are huge animal lovers here for kids decor!

  84. 84

    My favorite is the Treetop Friends Nursery
    I like the combination of colors and it reminds me of the outdoors, which I enjoy being in when the weather is nice.

  85. 85
  86. 86
  87. 87

    The Springtime Birdie nursery inspires me, I am expecting a daughter and trying to get ideas for her nursery and I love the art, the colors and the striped wall!

  88. 89

    I love them all but the mod dot really speaks to me. I love the crib and the rocker in the room.

  89. 90

    My favorite nursery decor is Alphabet Zoo by Joni! Her style has always been a favorite of mine, especially with the splash of color – in the art on the walls and details like the curtains!

  90. 91

    I love the Treetop Friends nursery – the color scheme is perfect for my boy/girl twins, and I love owls :)

  91. 92
  92. 93
  93. 94

    I love lay baby lay’s the best. Joni’s has such an amazing design style that is so unexpected and fresh. Love her!

  94. 95
  95. 96

    The Alphabet Zoo room is perfect for both little boys and girls. It’s so bright and cheerful and a fun set up! And the set up still gives plenty of creativity on the parents end to add to the fun.

  96. 97
  97. 98

    The Mod Dot Design room is my favorite. It’s calm, but would encourage play too. It would also grow well and be relaxing for mom or dad to sit in with baby!

  98. 99
  99. 100
  100. 101

    My favorite is the Alphabet Zoo Nursery because my favorite animal is an elephant and I love the bright colors!

  101. 102
  102. 103
  103. 104
  104. 105

    The Alphabet Zoo Nursery is my favorite design and my favorite sheet set is the Giraffe Safari

  105. 106
  106. 107
  107. 108
  108. 109

    My favorite nursery is the springtime birdie inspiration by layla grayce! I love the aqua stripes and pops of pink and orange throughout the room!

  109. 110
  110. 111
  111. 112

    I love the treetop friends nursery. The treetop friends sheet set inspires me because we love animals and the colors are great for either a boy or girl (for baby #2!)

  112. 113
  113. 114

    Even though I’m having a boy I love the nursery by Layla Grace. It is really beautiful. It has a theme but its not too matchy. The lamp and the wall art are my favorite parts. – Jerica

  114. 115
  115. 116

    My favorite is the treetop friends nursery! I love the colors and the rocking chair..

  116. 117
  117. 118
  118. 119

    I love the layla grace nursery. It seems to combine modern and shabby chic all at the same time!

  119. 120

    I love the springtime birdie nursery. The crib is my absolute favorite and i love the bedding!

  120. 121

    My favorite is the Alphabet Zoo. The colors are so bright and cheerful that any child would love it.

  121. 122
  122. 123

    Joni’s design at Lay Baby Lay is the BEST!! I’m still drooling over those garlands hung above the crib. Love her…so talented.

  123. 124

    I simply adore the Alphabet Zoo Nursery by Lay Baby Lay. The colors are cheerful and the animals are sweetly playful. I’m a first time mom and living far away from family so I would greatly appreciate any help I can get! :)

  124. 125

    I love the treetop friends nursery. I love that it is so bright and happy, and it would work for both a boy or a girl. Super cute design.

  125. 126
  126. 127

    i love laybabylay, i visit her blog daily and her design here is in perfect keeping with her general aesthetic.

  127. 128
  128. 129
  129. 130

    I absolutely love all the themes for the nurseries. My favorite would have to be the Springtime Birdie.

  130. 131
  131. 132
  132. 133
  133. 134
  134. 135
  135. 136

    I almost forgot to say why it’s my favorite! It’s super fun and playful. It also looks like a room I’d design myself.

  136. 137

    I love the Springtime Nursery theme! Just as mentioned the nursery should be a reflection and an extension of your home and because we are using a non traditional space that is open to our home for our baby girls nursery I love the design of the furniture pieces and decor as it translates a modern touch that a baby girl can grow with.

  137. 138

    I love the
    Treetop Friends Nursery, the bright colors are great, I definitely want to use these colors for the nursery!!

  138. 139

    Great giveaway! This prize would be great for our next baby! I am loving the Treetop Friends Inspiration; nice and bright, and gender neutral! :)

  139. 140

    I love the nursery by Layla Grace! Love the crib, and love the stripes with the colors used. The simple wall art with the rug looks simple and beautiful :)

  140. 141

    i really like the Springtime Birdie Nursery because the colors are perfect but not too girlie and the birds are so sweet for my little girl.

  141. 142
  142. 143
  143. 144
  144. 145
  145. 146
  146. 147

    My favorite nursery is the springtime birdies inspiration by Layla Grace. I really like the aqua shade of paint with the stripes. Also, the birds with the pink make it a nice feminine room for baby.

  147. 148

    I am really loving the springtime birdie nursery by Layla Grace. I really like the feminine colors with the sweet birds. I also like the pop of color with the light aqua stripes. Very nice, it inspires me to create my own unique rooms.
    Amie Olson
    [email protected]

  148. 149
  149. 150
  150. 151
  151. 152
  152. 153

    My fave is Mod Dot Nursery by Tiffani Thiessen. I love the MCM lines of the changing table and crib!

  153. 154

    my favorite is the Springtime Birdie Nursery and it inspires me a lot because it makes me think of nature and i would love my girls to be surrounded b y it and love the colors!

  154. 155
  155. 156

    I love the Springtime Birdie by Layla Grace! I’m a fan of pinks and love the sweetness!!

  156. 157

    I also love the Springtime Birdie! therefore going with Layla Grace! but Oh Joy is equally adorable!

  157. 158

    My favorite is the treetop friends room by Oh Joy! I love all the little owl touches and where did they get the log stool?!!!

  158. 159
  159. 160

    my favorite is the Treetop Friends Nursery by Oh Joy!
    its colorful cheerful and bright.

  160. 161
  161. 162
  162. 163

    The nursery by oh joy! is cheery and can grow with the child – boy or girl! Skip*Hop provides terrific project inspiration with well-designed and beautiful products.

  163. 164

    I love the treetop friends nursery because it would really work for a boy or a girl. It is so colorful

  164. 165
  165. 166

    I love the Treetop Friends. Nature meets baby is always adorable! :) Can’t beat cute animals with a cute kid!

  166. 167
  167. 168
  168. 169

    I love the Springtime Birdie Design, so so adorable, what a happy wee place for your kiddo to wake up in, it would put a smile on my face first thing in the morning, and my wee bundle that is due to arrive too! :0) x

  169. 170
  170. 171

    I love the design by Layla Grace! The springtime birdie set is just beautiful and so much fun!

  171. 172
  172. 173
  173. 174
  174. 175

    I like the layla grace design. Especially the walls. I like the alphabet zoo sheets the most! They are really cute!

  175. 176
  176. 177
  177. 178
  178. 179
  179. 180

    My favorite is the nursery designed by Layla Grace. I love the soothing color mixed with the very modern horizontal stripes, which keeps it very light. The pops of raspberry make it so girly without being covered in pink craziness!

  180. 181

    I like the nursery by lay baby lay. I like the mint green walls and yellow point colors! It’s so the new gender neutral colors!

  181. 182

    I love this nursery and the bedding is just beautiful! I love the theme
    and color combination, it feels fresh, girly without being over the top
    and still remains colorful enough. The walls really make everything stand out!

  182. 183
  183. 184

    My favorite is the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce. But I’m most inspired by the Mod Dots nursery sheet because it’s simple, classic, and clean.

  184. 185

    The alphabet zoo nursery inspires me the most! It is the bedding we have picked out because it’s so gender neutral and sweet without being too baby-ish!

  185. 186
  186. 187
  187. 188
  188. 189
  189. 190
  190. 191

    I adore the treetop friends. the room just smile back. the nursery could be for a girl or boy. the room is clam enough for the baby, my son would love to sleep in this room. the colors mix together nothing stick out , everything blend which I love. my favorite piece is the crib. the all white just continue with the clam serenity feeling.

  191. 192
  192. 193
  193. 194
  194. 195
  195. 196

    Mod Dot set because I have a thing for polka dots. And the green is gorgeous. I can do a lot of variations with that set as the basis.

  196. 197

    My favorite is Alphabet Zoo! I love all the different animals, and Joni picked such beautiful, vibrant colors for the nursery!

  197. 198
  198. 199
  199. 200

    The Springtime Birdie Nursery wins hands down…it is adorable and would look lovely in my granddaughters nursery!

  200. 201
  201. 202

    I’m most inspired by the Treetop Friends Inspiration because those owls are just so darn cute!

  202. 203
  203. 204
  204. 205

    Springtime Birdie by Layla Grace. The wall art and little girls dress on the changing table really inspired me. The color combination fits seamlessly in my daughter, Madyn’s room!

  205. 206

    I voted for the Springtime Birdie Nursery! I just love the little birds and flower pattern! Very girly chic!

  206. 207

    While I personally tend towards a more gender-neutral crib set, I love the way Springtime Birdy is used in this nursery.

  207. 208

    Rated and LOVED the Layla Grace nursery – so chic and beautiful! I really LOVE the Skip Hop Giraffe Safari nursery bedding set – I just love the design and colors!

  208. 209
  209. 210
  210. 211
  211. 212
  212. 213

    I liked the Nursery by Oh Joy. My favorite sheet set is treetop friends because I love owls and the colors!! I also like that it is gender neutral (since I have boy/girl twins) it makes like easier.

  213. 214

    I love the “Nursery by Oh Joy”! It is just bright and cheery, like sunshine.

  214. 215

    springtime nursery just blends so well looking classy and relaxing and really pretty. I like how they used a neutral colored wall with such girly linen

  215. 216
  216. 217

    I love lay baby lay. Just reminds me of a happy place to be. Love that the colors look good for boys and girls.

  217. 218
  218. 219

    I love the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce! I love the way the colors flow together and how clean and open it is!

  219. 220
  220. 221

    My favorite is the Treetop Friends Nursery but they are all great! I would also say that the Treetop Friends bedding is my favorite too. It would blend in with our gender neutral nursery so well.

  221. 222

    My favorite is Treetop Friends Nursery by Oh Joy! I love hoe vibrant and bright the colors are and that it’s gender neutral.

  222. 223
  223. 224
  224. 225
  225. 226
  226. 227
  227. 228

    I love the Tree Top Friends Nursery inspiration by Oh Joy! because it looks so fresh and cheery. The white crib and changing table makes the room so bright and the wall decals add such a fun pop to the room.

  228. 229

    My fav is the nursery by Layla Grace. Love the colors and it’s such a happy environment!

  229. 230
  230. 231

    My fave nursery is the Alphabet Zoo Nursery. I like the gender neutral feel. All the fresh primary type colors are exactly what I would love for my gender neutral nursery. It’s hard to pick a theme/template for gender neutral that’s not yellow. I think this fits my personality well! Hope to win!

  231. 232

    I like the treetop friends nursery best. My favorite complete sheet set is Elephant Parade. I love the colors and it’s so cute.

  232. 233

    I love the tree top friends inspiration one. My little boy loves owls he would love this

  233. 234

    I love the Layla Grace nursery because it’s not a traditional blue vs. pink decorating scheme and it would work for both boys or girls. Let’s continue to break down stereotypes! Not to mention the fact that, artistically, it’s FAB!

  234. 235
  235. 236

    I like the Mod Dot design. The gender-neutral colors are always welcome, and the furniture and layout look like they’ll work well even as baby grows.

  236. 237

    This was tough, as they were all gorgeous. My favorite would be the room designed by Layla Grayce.

  237. 238
  238. 239
  239. 240
  240. 241

    Love the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce – I like the walls and the prints.

  241. 242
  242. 243
  243. 244

    There are pieces from each that I just love, but my overall vote has to go to the Mod Dot room. I am in love with that rug and the rocker! Plus I really like the looks of the lighter wood :)

  244. 245

    I like Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce the best because it’s clean, modern, and can work for boy boys & girls.

  245. 246
  246. 247
  247. 248
  248. 249
  249. 250
  250. 251

    I love the Treetop friends nursery design. I have a soft spot for the owls, especially Skip Hop’s designs.

  251. 252

    Alphabet Zoo Nursery because the children are always learning the alphabet and this would be fun

  252. 253

    Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce is my favorite! I love the colors and wall decor.

  253. 254
  254. 255
  255. 256
  256. 257
  257. 258

    I love Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce, I can see my daughters crowing with the design, it’s so fresh and lovely.

  258. 259

    I really like the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce nursery. I love the colors and the paint is adorable! Its so classic and cute! I like the alphabet zoo bedding I love the classic set the letters are so cute!

  259. 260

    Love the alphabet zoo! Perfect for those who don’t want to find out the sex or use for a second child!

  260. 261
  261. 262

    My favorite nursery is the Springtime Birdie nursery. It inspires me because of the beautiful mix of colors and patterns.

  262. 263
  263. 264

    I like the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce because the aqua/white stripes prevent boredom and the lamp adds the pop of color.

  264. 265

    Nursery by Layla grace is for sure my fave! But I love the treetop friends design because it is gender-neutral.

  265. 266

    The Alphabet Zoo nursery inspires me the most. I love the pops of color and whimsical touches. It’s pretty gender neutral, too, which I like! All the rooms are gorgeous but this one is my favorite. I would absolutely love that crib set in our nursery.

  266. 267
  267. 268
  268. 269
  269. 270

    The lay baby lay is my favorite nursery. But really – these are all gorgeous, I’d be proud to have any of them in my house!

  270. 271

    I am loving all the sheet sets from Skip Hop! These are all such great nursery designs!

  271. 272
  272. 273
  273. 274
  274. 275
  275. 276

    I love the tree top friends design – it would coordinate with our son’s nursery perfectly!

  276. 277
  277. 278
  278. 279

    I love the design by Layla Grace the colours are nice and peaceful. My favourite crib set is Alphabet zoo

  279. 280

    I’m most inspired by the Alphabet Zoo, because it is awesomely gender neutral and so much fun!

  280. 281

    I LOVE the Alphabet Zoo Nursery because I’m currently in color love with mint! So refreshing!!! :D

  281. 282
  282. 283
  283. 284

    I love the traditional yet, unique alphabet Zoo room…my favorite item is the picture with the words: “For Like Ever”….it’s different for a nursery…

  284. 285

    I love the Treetop friends! I have a few Treetop friends items in my son’s room, but love how it’s all put together nicely here. Would love to have a complete Treetop Friends nursery for #2 :)

  285. 286

    I would rate the springtime bird nursery from Layla grace a 5. I’m currently lusting over the pink/aqua color combo.

  286. 287

    My favorite nursery is alphabet zoo! I love the treetop friends bedding from skip hop. I love the whimsical design, which would be perfect for my daughter now or a son if we have one in the future!

  287. 288

    My favorite nursery is the treetop friends nursery because I’m doing my baby boy’s nursery in owls, birds, and deer and it is a great inspiration!

  288. 289

    My favorite is the design by Layla Grace. I think that it’s just so well put together and more of a reflection of my personality that it really calls out to me. My baby girl due in September would love it.

  289. 290

    I like the one by Lay Baby Lay, because of the different colors suit how children really live.

  290. 291
  291. 292

    My favorite is definitely the Treetop Friends nursery! It’s bright, cheerful and I think gender-neutral. I love how the colors go together (treetop bedding, yellow walls, green rug) without being overly match-y. And who can resist the owls! :)

  292. 293
  293. 294

    My favorite design is the Mod Dots Room. It could be for a boy or a girl and I like the soft yellow color for the walls. The colored dots are very appealing, too.

  294. 295

    My favorite is the Springtime Birdie Nursery by Layla Grayce. Love the color combo and the birdies!

  295. 296

    I am in love the the spring time birdie nursery! super cute for my little girl thats on the way!

  296. 297

    I like the tree top friend’s collection the best, we do not know the sex of our baby so it would be suitable for a boy or a girl

  297. 298
  298. 299

    I rated the Treetop Friends Nursery a 5. I really like the color of the room and the colors of the bedding. Even the rug.

  299. 300
  300. 301
  301. 302
  302. 303

    The Treetop friends nursery is darling! It would make a perfect gender neutral nursery for those of us who are going to let the gender be a surprise.

  303. 304
  304. 305

    I love Treetop Friends by OH JOY. It’s so bright and fun! I think a room like that would just keep my baby happy all the time :)

  305. 306

    I love the Springtime Birdie nursery. The color combination is beautiful and I love the artwork and the details.

  306. 307

    I really like the Springtime Birdies Nursery. I would personally like the Giraffe print for my baby’s room, as were doing a safari theme!

  307. 308

    I love the Oh Joy! nursery! It would be perfect for either a boy or a girl and the colors just make you feel so happy!

  308. 309
  309. 310
  310. 311

    I love the treetop friends nursery b/c my son loves animals, and the mod design is attractive but still fun for him.

  311. 312

    My favorite nursery is Treetop Friends Nursery by Oh Joy! I like the Elephants Parade bedding though!

  312. 313

    Oh- forgot to say why. I love the tree wall feature behind the crib- ties all the fabulous colors of the room together.

  313. 314

    Love the treetop friends nursery theme! It’s similar to the forest theme I have for my daughter’s room. Love the earthly colors, and the tiny details in the wall decals, carpeting and furniture make the room uber sweet!

  314. 315

    I LOVE the nursery by Oh Joy! It is so neutral but in such a beautiful way. It can be hard to find a balance between too girly and overly boyish – her nursery found a way!

  315. 316
  316. 317

    I adore the Alphabet Zoo. The colors are bright and fun and I think it is wonderful that it reads for either gender! I love the colors in the bedding too! ;)

  317. 318

    I LOVE the Mod Dot room. The bright colors are gorgeous and I love that it is gender neutral.

  318. 319
  319. 320

    My favorite is the Treetop friends nursery…I just love the neutral colors and decor. It gives a sense of calm.

  320. 321

    i love the
    Springtime Birdie Nursery by layla grace!! they are the colors i would love in the girls room and i love birds and the trees super cute!

  321. 322
  322. 323
  323. 324
  324. 325

    I like the Treetop Friends nursery the most. It’s so nice, bright, clean and relaxing all at the same time. The wall color is not babyish and can stay put as the child grows. The rug design is reflected on the wall with vinyl leaves.

  325. 326

    I love the Alphabet zoo inspired nursery. I love how bright and colorful it is and it’s definitely fo both genders.

  326. 327
  327. 328
  328. 329

    Love the nursery by Layla Grayce. The calm teal colors along with perky red gives it a pop and i love the birds. Great combination!

  329. 330
  330. 331
  331. 332

    My facorite is Cosette & Delilah’s Shared Girls Room its so girly and has a nice touch of a cherry blossom painting. Also the room is equal made for both of the girls ages. Plus the older one still has room for a riend to stay with the pullout bed under hers it is too cute!!

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