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Giveaway: Munire Chesapeake Classic Crib

We are always so excited when we can team up with a company to give away a big ticket item for one of our readers. Today, Munire, known for their beautiful nursery furniture, is offering up a crib! One lucky Project Nursery reader will win the Chesapeake Classic Crib from Munire in white.

Munire Chesapeake Classic Crib

The latest addition to Munire’s line of modern baby furniture is a stunner. The Chesapeake Classic Crib is a gender-neutral classic, and in a crisp white, it will make a statement in any nursery. With available conversion kits (sold separately), you can continue to enjoy this beautiful piece for years to come as it transitions into toddler bed and daybed options.

The sturdy, all hard wood construction meets all federal safety standards, which means you’ll feel comfortable using this crib for future children too.

Munire Chesapeake Classic Crib

WIN IT! One Project Nursery reader will win the Chesapeake Classic Convertible Crib from Munire in white (a $600 value).

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  2. avatar Kendra says:

    Love that its convertible.

  3. avatar Colleen says:

    Convertible AND all hard wood construction? Yes please!

  4. avatar shay says:

    Love that it is convertible.

  5. avatar samantha s says:

    I love how sturdy this crib looks. Not only that but it’s practical design of growing with the baby makes this crib an excellent choice.

  6. avatar Kris Kipp says:

    I love that it grows with baby

  7. avatar steffers516 says:

    I love the 4 in 1 design, it’s great to be able to change it up!

  8. avatar Allison says:

    it’s classic, simple and gender neutral and will be an eye catcher in the nursery!!

  9. avatar Kim says:

    LOVE the color and the classic look!

  10. avatar melisa says:

    I adore the clean crisp classic look, beautiful :)

  11. avatar Emc Apple says:

    Great design! Love it!

  12. avatar Arthur Caudill says:

    I like the design…looks so classic and rich!

  13. avatar Rachel K says:

    This is beautiful!

  14. avatar Nicki B says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful! I love that it would work for a boy or a girl!

  15. avatar Shawn says:

    I love the simple elegance of the design. A true classic.

  16. avatar Meghan Finley says:

    I love the timeless design and it’s color options

  17. avatar julimi says:

    I love the structure of it


  18. avatar Jenny G says:

    I love that it is has a simple design! Clean lines and white!

  19. avatar Sarah Buki says:

    love the design. my husbands says we can try for #3 now if i win this. :)

  20. avatar Maria Osorio says:

    The design is absolutely beautiful.

  21. avatar Bethany Grannan says:

    I love the quality and longevity! Gorgeous!

  22. avatar Melissa Keranen says:

    I love that it can fit into about any style nursery, whether you are going for a traditional style or something more elegant.

  23. avatar Charleen Osborne says:

    Love the clean look of the furniture!

  24. avatar Donna says:

    I think the style looks perfect!

  25. avatar Anita says:

    Classic, clean lines, beautiful!

  26. avatar SCarter says:

    I love the color and overall high end design!

  27. avatar RambleSAHM W. says:

    I love that it is Lifetime Convertible Furniture! It will grow with our family. I also love the color choice Weathered Grey!

  28. avatar Anna says:

    Classic is always in style.

  29. avatar Jenn S says:

    love the storage!!

  30. avatar Tara Nagy Schoen says:

    love it!!!!

  31. avatar ursala says:

    I love this look. It so classic the way the line on the panel are simple but add something to the crib. It seem sturdy that can deal with the growing your little one. This crib will add the pop to my little boy music nursery.

  32. avatar Zenaida says:

    I love this crib!! It’s so elegant yet has a very classic look and perfect for our nursery!

  33. avatar Melinda says:

    Love hte modern, yet classic look of this furniture!

  34. avatar catholicfanatic says:

    I love classic design!
    Sonya Morris

  35. avatar ChadP says:

    I like that it grows with baby!

  36. avatar Bo says:

    I love the classic, timeless style and that it’s convertible!

  37. avatar Samantha says:

    As an EMT, I could never afford to have such a beautiful crib. I absolutely LOVE this crib! This is the entire package and I don’t think I’ve wanted to win anything as much as I have this item.

  38. avatar Joy Person says:

    I love that it coverts in four different options and I just think it’s gorgeous!

  39. avatar Tannis W says:

    I love that its convertible of course, and that it converts to four different options! I also like that it comes in grey!

  40. avatar Heather P. says:

    The classic design is timeless and will seamlessly grow with my little girl as she grows and room decor changes!

  41. avatar Jennifer Kreisler says:

    I love that the Chesapeake Classic Convertible Crib comes in white for a bold yet classic look! I know that since it is Munire it is a grand piece that will last generations.

  42. avatar Amanda says:

    I love the look of this crib!

  43. avatar Barbara says:

    Love the simplicity and classic feel!

  44. avatar lace1 says:

    I love the classic lines of the crib and the beautiful color they’ve chosen.

  45. avatar Carolyn Pender Maurin says:

    I love the fact it comes in grey.

  46. avatar DC says:

    I love the classic look of this crib. And, so convenient that it is convertible, of course!

  47. avatar Steffy says:

    Timeless and transitional, it’s very lovely.

  48. avatar Michele Rodocker says:

    I adore the fact it comes in grey and is convertible. Sleek lines are gorgeous!

  49. avatar Ashley O. says:

    I love the ‘Lifetime 4-in-1’
    Ashley O. ashleylowens at yahoo

  50. avatar kimnalexander says:

    I love the convertible aspect!

  51. avatar holyscrap says:

    I like that you can turn the crib sideways or longways against a wall in the room. Our nursery has an odd shape so it would really work well for us!

  52. avatar Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    I love it’s classic style!

  53. avatar Elizabeth P. says:

    I like the solid sides.

  54. avatar Rachel says:

    I love that they are lifetime cribs, high quality, and well crafted. (Well couldn’t pick just one!)

  55. avatar katherine d says:

    I love how it can be changed to fit a growing baby’s size

  56. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love the classic design and that it’s neutral!

  57. avatar Aubree Faunce says:

    It’s a beautiful crib but I LOVE that its convertible!!

  58. avatar Liz says:

    I love the design and the fact that it can grow with baby to last longer!

  59. avatar natalie shmigelsky says:

    Love that it is a LIfetime convertible crib!

  60. avatar scotchbonnet says:

    Beautiful and classic, I love the simple clean lines.

  61. avatar Rochel S says:

    Love the classic design and that its convertible!

  62. avatar Eg Kaufman says:

    I like the look of the ends & that it is a convertible.

  63. avatar Stephanie says:

    I love everything about your cribs!!!!! The style is excatly what I am looking for

  64. avatar Allie says:

    The design of it

  65. avatar DB1980 says:

    I love the classic, clean lines. It is modern yet traditional at the same time.

  66. avatar erin says:

    Love this crib – pinning it now!

  67. avatar MT says:

    love the simple design!

  68. avatar rebeca says:

    exacly what I`m looking for my girl`s nursery!!!!

  69. avatar Dana says:

    Love the all wood construction!

  70. avatar Cristina Camacho-Yacobucci says:

    Its lovely and the fact that is convertible makes it to the top of my list!

  71. avatar Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Simple and timeless and only offered in white

  72. avatar Janelle says:

    I love the fact that it is convertible.

  73. avatar Michelle M says:

    I love the grey option, the storage and that it is a convertible!

  74. avatar Katy W. says:

    I love that it is a convertible and gender neutral. The design is classic, but modern!

  75. avatar Katie says:

    I love that the grey is convertible and comes in light grey!

  76. avatar Tiffany Thompson says:

    Love everything about it!!

  77. avatar Katie Flood says:

    Love the design!

  78. avatar christina says:

    i love the look and that it is convertible

  79. avatar amanda says:

    i love how its 4 in 1 and the light grey color is very gender nuetral wich means for a lot of good use!!!

  80. avatar Kat says:

    I love the sleek design.

  81. avatar Lauren says:

    This crib is gorgeous!

  82. avatar Amanda says:

    This crib is perfect! Love the look

  83. avatar brooke t says:

    i love that it converts

  84. avatar Kira Kukulka says:

    Gender neutral and classic design

  85. avatar holly04 says:

    Beautiful timeless crib

  86. avatar Jess H says:

    Love that this gorgeous crib is convertible without looking like all other convertible cribs!

  87. avatar Cheryl says:

    This is simply gorgeous and would like great in my son’s nursery I am currently designing.

  88. avatar Jennifer Bell Lorenzini says:

    I love that it is convertible! Its also really pretty!

  89. avatar christy says:

    I love the clean lines!

  90. avatar sandra says:

    love that is a 4-in-1 convertible

  91. avatar barbara norton says:

    I love that it is a convertible crib that has a classic design as well as elegant and would look great in my grandchild’s nursery!

  92. avatar Addison K.A.T. says:

    Love that its a 4-in-1 and can grow with my child

  93. avatar Amy says:

    I currently have a munire crib for our son & absolutely love it. I would adore having another for our next baby!

  94. avatar Jonathan Baker says:

    I like that it’s gender-neutral so it can be used for a boy or a girl.

  95. avatar Lauren says:

    Classic design!

  96. avatar evamack says:

    want for grandchildren

  97. avatar megan knauf-ford says:

    beautiful! love the storage!

  98. avatar Stephanie M says:

    I love the white color and the classic design!

  99. avatar Sheri says:

    Gorgeous crib!

  100. avatar Carli Eklund says:

    I love the classic clean lines!

  101. avatar Tiffany says:

    I love the classic look

  102. avatar McKenzie Tolman says:

    Love!! It is contemorary and i love the color and design

  103. avatar adina says:

    love the classic design!

  104. avatar Ross Olson says:

    I really like the beautiful design of the crib and that it is convertible. The crib truly will grow with the different stages of infancy and childhood! Beautiful!
    Ross Olson

  105. avatar Rachel says:

    I like that it is a 4-in-1 convertible crib

  106. avatar Emily says:

    I love the sleek, classic design

  107. avatar Katie Adler Parajon says:

    I love the design!

  108. avatar MrsLKStandridge says:

    Awesome that it is 4 in 1

  109. avatar Jennifer 'Ackerman' Williams says:

    I love the design and overall look of the crib.

  110. avatar EmCee says:

    I love that it’s convertible and pretty.

  111. avatar duggs says:

    Beautiful crib and I love the solid ends.

  112. avatar Christina P. says:

    I love that it’s classic and white- will fit any theme!

  113. avatar Lauren says:

    I love the solid ends and the fact that it’s convertible!

  114. avatar Brittney Reader says:

    Love the look and that it comes in light grey!!

  115. avatar katygmorris says:

    I love that it looks great as a crib, and also when it converts! What a great piece for a new baby!

  116. avatar Sammi Greene says:

    I love how classic & simple it is. It will go with everything and for any gender. Fingers crossed!!!

  117. avatar Lauren says:

    The crib is beautiful! It would look beautiful in any nursery!

  118. avatar Mary Buss says:

    I love the crib! Starting our daughters nursery now and this would look perfect in it.

  119. avatar Laura C says:

    I love the color gray that you can select.

  120. avatar Julie Raye-Rod says:

    I love that they have online room planners

  121. avatar S. says:

    I love the beautiful design.

  122. avatar Amy F says:

    This crib is absolutely gorgeous! I love that it is convertible and changes as your child’s needs grow. It is also very sleek and modern. Beautiful! Would love love love to win this fantastic crib!

  123. avatar Erin says:

    Gorgeous crib, both classic and modern at the same time. It would look lovely in our little boy’s nursery!

  124. avatar Cgirl says:

    This would be lovely! Classic indeed

  125. avatar meredith says:

    I love that it can grow with your baby!

  126. avatar Jovanna says:

    What a beautiful crib!! Love the style and color

  127. avatar Jojo54 says:

    I love the sturdy, yet design friendly style of this crib. When baby is old enough to stand up and demand to get out, he isn’t going to shake it until it is wobbly!

  128. avatar Molly Bussler says:

    My goodness..the design of this crib is beautiful…the look of elegance and grace…this would center display in my baby’s nursery. Simply Stunning!

  129. avatar Stephanie says:

    I love white baby furniture, it’s classic look and that it is convertible

  130. I only wish that I could ever own something this perfectly crafted and beautiful! This is one remarkable item. I absolutely love it! !♡♥♡♥♡♡

  131. avatar birdiee28 says:

    Elegant and not over the top.

  132. avatar ampaetka says:

    I love the versatility of this 4-in-1 convertible crib as well as the gender neutral design!

  133. avatar Yocheved says:

    I love the look! It has a modern and vintage feel both at the same time. Just my style. Could really use this crib!

  134. avatar TiffanyK says:

    It has simple, modern lines, but also looks traditional.

  135. avatar Tegan L. says:

    I love the look of this crib and how it can change as baby gets older.

  136. avatar betsy says:

    that it’s convertible

  137. avatar Leighanne says:

    This is a beautiful crib in a classic style. I love that it is convertible!

  138. avatar Leighpal says:

    I love how simple and timeless the crib is!

  139. avatar Tina says:

    I love the storage and that it grows with baby!

  140. avatar Tiffany A. says:

    I love that this crib is 4-1 convertible, I love the idea that this crib can grow with my baby!

  141. avatar Kendra says:

    Simply classic. Love that its convertible!

  142. avatar makenna b. says:

    Love that it is a convertable crib…

  143. avatar fukumuro says:

    Love that it is convertible

  144. avatar Crissa Robertson says:

    I love that the crib is made of solid wood. QUALITY!

  145. avatar Kelly Yezzi says:

    I’m crazy about the classic design. I’ve never wanted to win a PN Friday giveaway so much as this one!

  146. avatar Kelly Yezzi says:

    I’m really in love with the classic design. I’ve never wanted to win a PN Friday giveaway so much as this!!!!

  147. I love the gender neutral design, sleek and classic! Thank you xo

  148. avatar annmarie says:

    I love the solid ends

  149. avatar Mel says:

    I love that it is gender neutral

  150. avatar Christy Isttc says:

    I love that it comes in a light grey color!

  151. avatar Lyn H says:

    I love that the crib is convertible and will grow with your baby! And the furniture that goes with it is perfect for a nursery. Nice clean lines that will work with a baby girl or boy too!

  152. avatar IrenkaD says:

    Classic and beautiful! Love it!

  153. avatar KNO says:

    Love the classic design and the clean lines!

  154. avatar Sara says:

    Classy and crisp in white!

  155. avatar Bargainshoppingmom says:

    I adore the classic, clean lines of this set.

  156. avatar Alison G. says:

    I’m in love with Munire’s Chesapeake Crib’s classic design. So beautiful and timeless. A statement piece for years to come.

  157. avatar Nicole Owens says:

    I LOVE this crib! I’ve been looking into white cribs lately. This one is gorgeous! And seems to be so well made.

  158. avatar beattyjg says:

    It’s convertible!

  159. avatar Kaylee Flowers says:

    I love the classic look of this crib.

  160. avatar nici r says:

    I love the look and that it is 4 in 1I love th

  161. avatar Kortney Lah says:

    I love the vintage look!!
    Kortney Marie

  162. avatar cuteheads says:

    Love this crib!

  163. avatar Samantha M says:

    I love the classic look!

  164. avatar jennifer says:

    The fact that it will fit with either a vintage look or a contemporary design, whenever I get around to deciding which one!

  165. avatar Monicaime says:

    Loving the vintage look. So classy and stylish. Can’t go wrong with convertible either!

  166. avatar Nicole Johnson Biddle says:

    Love the hardwood construction!

  167. avatar Julissa F. says:

    Love how it is simple but that it makes a statement at the same time! Oh and who can beat a convertible crib?! Love it!

  168. avatar duggs says:

    Love the gender neutral look.

  169. avatar Dana N. says:

    I love how solid and elegant it looks!

  170. avatar Chandra Michaels says:

    With boy/girl twins on the way – this is exactly the type of crib we are buying for both of them! I love the classic lines and the gender neutral design. If I win, I only need to buy ONE MORE!!

  171. avatar Yesenia says:

    I like that it is a lifetime convertible 4-1 crib and will grow with my child and most importantly it’s very modern and beautiful.

  172. avatar Suzanne L says:

    I love the classic design. Timeless

  173. avatar Julia Garza says:


  174. avatar Candace says:

    I love it!

  175. avatar sm says:

    Love that its convertible and the high ends…very regal looking!

  176. avatar Sarah says:

    I like the classic design.

  177. avatar Patrycja Zak says:

    Very classic and elegant!

  178. avatar Erin says:


  179. avatar Ashley Jayne Leonard says:

    I love that it grows with baby!!

  180. avatar Tara M. says:

    I love the grey color and that it is 4-in-1!

  181. avatar SWilson says:

    I like the simple, but elegant design

  182. avatar Angela Yer says:

    I love the color and that it can turn into a toddler and daybed.

  183. avatar Deanna says:

    It looks so solid and I love the clean lines!

  184. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love the classic design and simple lines.

  185. avatar rachel says:

    It’s so elegant. Such a classic look to it.

  186. avatar Steph says:

    Looks like high quality.

  187. avatar Justin S. says:

    The classic, refined styling will work in almost in type of nursery – even very playful ones!

  188. avatar Jen H says:

    i love the grey option! and its a 4 in 1 !

  189. avatar Heather Hicks says:

    I love that it can be changed to fit the needs of a baby as it grows!

  190. avatar Suz McA says:

    beautiful crib!!! i love the solid ends!

  191. avatar Erin says:

    I love the classic design and I also love the convertibility. Beautiful!

  192. avatar little0ne says:

    I love the storage, and that it’s convertible.