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Design Board: Temporary Nursery

Sometimes life’s unpredictability means that you have to create a fast or temporary nursery to set up shop for just a short time. Maybe you have plans to move to a bigger home once baby gets a little older or you are trying to fit baby into a small space in your own room before moving him or her in with their older sibling. For whatever reason, here are some space-saving, fairly inexpensive items to help you set up a more temporary nursery.

Temporary Nursery Design Board

Red Polka Dot Crib Sheet, Ooh La La Pillow, Alpaca Yellow Throw, Black Bunting Banner, Red Dot Garland, Baby Mod Dylan Mini Crib, Gray Chevron Rug, Red Toy Rocker, BabyBjorn Bouncer, Yellow Isosceles Table Lamp, HEMNES Dresser

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  1. avatar May Mosley says:

    We had our first baby before we moved to our current house. Our first place was a studio apartment and it was really impossible to create an exclusive nursery because the space was just too small. Good thing I found a crib with a diaper changing “station” that I can just lift up and down, like a really sturdy flap.

  2. avatar Romina says:

    A crib with wheels is the most practical for temporary nursery.

  3. avatar Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy says:

    Cool. Nothing too bulky and everything functional. I had this kind of setup for my second baby.