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Simple Mother’s Day Ideas

It’s easy to go out and buy something pretty or sweet for the woman in your life who you want to honor this mother’s day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dote on the mother that you love; whether she’s your wife, your mother or your daughter, every mama deserves some extra love this Sunday. Here are some of our simple mother’s day ideas.

Let her sleep in! Dads, this means you’re on duty. New moms, especially, can use all the extra shut eye they can get, so consider yourself on the night shift. Even if your wife is breastfeeding, you can get up, change the baby’s diaper, bring him or her to your wife and get that little one snoozing again after eating.

Make her something yummy. Home baked goodies are always the best because you can almost taste the extra effort that went into them (even if you use the box mix). Decorate your treats with these adorable free printables that our dear friend Kim, from TomKat Studio, created for us a few years ago, and you’ll definitely have a happy mama on your hands.

Mother's Day Free Printables

Get her out of the house—by herself! It may seem counterintuitive on a day that is all about celebrating the nurturing of motherhood, but new moms especially need a minute to breathe. You may have to do a little convincing to get her to leave your little baby behind or she might be out the door before you can say goodbye, but tell her, you’re on kid duty, and she can take a walk, go get a coffee, pick out a new book—whatever she wants!

Get the kids involved. Nothing is sweeter than the effort of little hands trying to do something special for mom. Rebekah shared a simple table runner that would be an easy element for kids to work on to create a special meal for mom.

Mother's Day Ideas - DIY Table Runner

What do you have planned for your wife or mom? And moms out there, what is one of your favorite special mother’s day moments?

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  2. They are some lovely tips..thanks

  3. avatar Aurora says:

    My husband and the girls picked out two pots of flowering plants for me. They know I love gardening so much!

  4. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    My kids gave me handmade cards. For me that was more than enough :)

  5. avatar Alyssa says:

    Do dads even visit and read ProjectNursery?