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DIY Side Table with Paint Chips

I’m always up for a little DIY project, so when given the task to find cute side tables for a friend, I wanted to add a fun twist to create a cute DIY side table. At first I considered painting a gradient stripe on the drawer, but the thought of taping it off, buying all the paint, and actually painting the dresser wasn’t looking very promising. I happened to be at Lowes this past weekend picking up some spray paint (for a different project) and found myself admiring the paint chip color wall. Then it hit me—project!

I grabbed some of my favorite pink tones; you can ask the store if they have any out-of-date paint chip cards if you plan to take more than just a few for a project. Then I made a quick stop at the craft store to purchase one of those large shape paper punches (in the scrapbook section of the store).

Paint Chip Art Project

It’s seriously the easiest project ever! I punched out my favorite shades of pink (no skills necessary, just stick in the color cards and push), and then I used the infamous Mod Podge glue to apply my little squares.

DIY Side Table with Ombre Paint Chip Square Design

You can imagine the possibilities, right? I find myself wondering how many of these little squares I’d need to cover an entire wall! So here’s the finished project. I purchased the table at Target, gave it a quick coat of white spray paint, and added that pop of color with my fancy paint swatch squares!

DIY Side Table with Ombre Paint Chips


Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Fabulous work!! Gorgeous bedding, I loove the colors!! Where did you get that awesome rug and the table??

Ross Neytiri

Sunday 2nd of June 2013

In case I can't get hold of paint chip cards, what's the best alternative?


Sunday 9th of June 2013

scrapbook paper!

Andrea Lowe

Saturday 25th of May 2013

Nice! Now we don't need expensive Bisazza tiles to come up with beautiful mosaic designs!

Caden Lane

Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

The bedding is one of the NEW sets from Caden Lane! It will be on the website tomorrow!


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

I love the table with the bedding...also curious as to its origin?


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

The table is from Target. I saw it on clearance at my store recently. Katy spray painted it white and decorated it. The one I saw in the store was a dark espresso color.