Quatrefoil Nursery Trend

Dare I say it? I’m over chevron. Okay, not completely over it; I still love it but in small doses. I’m over the everything-in-your-nursery chevron. Plus, I kind of feel like I’m cheating on chevron at the moment anyway. My latest obsession? A quatrefoil nursery.

The quatrefoil comes in a variety of styles—round, with or without corners, thick, thin…you name it! It’s starting to pop up everywhere! So, let me introduce you to my new friend. I promise, you’ll be quick friends too.

I fell in love with this wall the moment I saw it in the project gallery!

Quatrefoil Nursery

Accent your favorite piece of furniture with it, like this quatrefoil bookcase!

Quatrefoil Accented Bookcase

I’m drooling over this quatrefoil ceiling. Imagine it in two-tone colors! LOVE!

Quatrefoil Ceiling

Here’s some quatrefoil nursery art and a monogram all in one!

Quatrefoil Nursery Art

Even a standalone quatrefoil is stunning! I’m pretty sure this quatrefoil painted dresser belongs in my daughter’s room.

Quatrefoil Painted Dresser

So there it is, my new BFF. Happy quatrefoiling!


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    I love it too! I’m finishing up a nursery in NY with grey quatrefoil wall paper. So chic indeed!

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    So this is called a quatrefoil pattern. I used to just call this Moroccan-style pattern because I see many Moroccan design elements using this kind of pattern.

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