Party Reveal: The Lorax, A Truffula-tastic Birthday Party

Planning a theme for my kiddos’ birthday parties is always a big to-do around here. I usually give my input on what I envision, and they are either totally on board and I get the green light or in this case my two-year-old had his own vision. “Mama, I wanna Loooowax Pawtee”—ah yes—a Lorax Party! I assumed that this idea would fizzle, but since Blake insisted on watching the movie daily, his vote won. Off to the design I went, dreaming up ways to bring Thneedville to life.

lorax theme birthday party

lorax theme birthday party - Thneedville

First, I created the invite—the entire design sort of evolved from here.

Lorax Theme Birthday Party - Invitation

Remember these guys? In case you missed it, the tutorial is here.

Barbaloot Donut Pops

We also made our very own Truffula Trees by taking foam balls, some wooden dowels, feather boas and ribbon.

DIY Truffula Trees

For the backdrop, we hung DIY felt clouds around the Truffula Trees. We also covered the table in green paper shreds for grass and planted a paper pinwheel flower garden.

The Lorax Candy Table

I ordered cookies from Inspired Sugar to match the theme while the Lorax Mustaches were a little DIY I made along with the Barbaloot Donut Pops.

The Lorax Cookies

Lorax Cookie Truffula Tree

Lorax Mustache Lollipops

Candies themed after the movie accompanied the other treats for kids to take home.

lorax theme candy

This was a super quick and easy treat too. Take Chocolate Teddy Grahams and marshmallows, mix together, put into treat bags with a printable bag topper and there you have it—Barbaloot Trail Mix! You could even add in some pretzel stick (truffula tree trunks) to get even fancier!

Barbaloot Trail Mix

For an easy DIY cake, I had my local Walmart make a 5″ double layer cake that they iced with lime green colored “grass” on top, I then added a printable banner and mini DIY Truffula Trees made from striped paper straws and yarn pom-poms.

Lorax Truffula Tree Cake

The Lorax Cake

Lorax Cupcake

lorax theme birthday party cupcakes

This party was all about bright fun colors and a theme that my son was totally smitten with, and all of the kids had a blast! Are you planning a birthday party? Any tips or DIY decor you’d like to share? Upload your party pics to the gallery!


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    Forgive me if this is a rude question, but what do you do with all this delicious party decor after the party is over? Do you store it and re-purpose it for other parties? Pass it on to another family that wants to do the same party theme? (I’m working on a spring re-organization and I’m afraid I see everything from the perspective of my storage space right now. An adorable theme and a cute party!)

  2. 2

    That’s isn’t really a rude question. I guess it’s really a concern for moms all over. I mean, we spend all this amount of time fussing over the details and making everything look nice and pretty, and what do we do after? It’s kinda hard to think everything goes to waste.

  3. 3

    I haven’t seen the movie, but based on the details of this party and its executed theme, I can see how fun it was. Makes me want to watch it!

  4. 4

    So fun and colorful! I would love to do a Lorax party for my little boy. But the sad news is that he’s not fond of the movie. I liked it more than he did!

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    Rebecca you are amazing….lucky family! If you want some live Truffula tree in addition to your beautiful creations, you can plant seeds of the TickleMe Plant, as Truffula tree party favors. They have the same pink powder puff flowers like the Lorax Trees and they MOVE by closing their leaves when the kids tickle them…they loved it! Found on line! See a live one in action!

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