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High vs. Low: Delicate Nursery Side Table

If you have a glider in your nursery, you definitely need a nice little nursery side table to set some books or a bottle and burp cloth.

Tini Nursery Side Table

High: I’ve always adored these petite yet intricate Tini side tables from Oomph. The woven tops and large selection of custom colors truly set them apart from your normal side table, but the price tag of $350+ has pushed me away from using it in nurseries.

Nursery Side Table

Low: Now you can get a similar look for 10% of the price. That’s right, Target made their own version in the Threshold collection. The downside is that it is only available in a plum/red color, which is fine, but I would have liked a white or black so it could be a little more versatile.

Nursery Side Table

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  1. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    Let’s see what i have on my side table.. a carafe, a glass of water, a teacup, my iPad, a snack jar, an emergency toy, a box of Kleenex. I doubt if all that would fit on a slim table like this =(

  2. avatar Germaine says:

    And with a baby squirming and making a ruckus in our arms, that isn’t something impossible.

  3. avatar Germaine says:

    Practical versus aesthetics. Practical wins on any given time.

  4. avatar Andressa says:

    Exactly my thoughts, too, Ross. I figure this table has very little surface that it’s good as a decorative piece and not something very practical.

  5. avatar moira says:

    I’d always be scared of this sort of table falling at the slightest disturbance!

  6. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    This tall and slim side table looks neat and cute, but I’m not sure if I would find it practical. The side table I use has triple the surface size, and I still find it too small. I love having a lot of stuff within easy reach when I’m nursing the baby — my cellphone, books and magazines, a pitcher of water, baby bottles, burp cloth, sometimes my laptop.