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Fun and Chic Children’s Decor

When it comes to children’s decor, we always try to combine elegance with a hint of humor. A lot of childhood is about playing and having fun, so we think it’s important to try to add a touch of whimsy to their rooms. Here are some picks that are playful and chic at the same time.

Although this hat lamp was originally designed for Dad’s room, we like to imagine it in a boy’s room over his desk or over his reading corner.

For the younger ones, we like this mobile that combines the iconic British hat with adorable mustaches, and if you have a thing for the latter, on Etsy you can find an entire section for mustaches.

If you fancy original and unusual wall art for your little girl, here is a dress made out of a map. It can be hung on a wall or on the closet door, and it would be a great way to include your heritage.

If your daughter dreams to be a princess, she definitely needs this princess bedding to help her wish come true in her nighttime dreams.

Alessi has always been known for their humorous Italian design, so we couldn’t miss this opportunity to include these fun soap dispensers.

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  1. avatar Zorata says:

    The silhouette mobile is so “out of the box”. Like it! And here are part of my creations:

  2. avatar Andressa says:

    Have you bought the bedding? It’s not a U.S, brand, right? I wonder if there are stores here that carry this, or at least a similar design… Please tell me where you got yours.

  3. avatar heather says:

    I want that princess bedding for my girl! Now I know what to get her for her 4th birthday and I’m so excited!

  4. I love that folded map dress art. It is very unique and very creative.