Little Crown Interiors’ Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

As nursery designers, we spend most days dealing with nursery-specific items, like cribs, gliders and decor, so it’s sometimes easy to forget just how adorable the baby clothing, bags and accessories are these days. This past weekend at the baby shower of a dear friend, we were reminded of all the lovely things in the baby world. Each present she opened was so sweet, and below are some of our favorite baby shower gifts that she received.

When she opened this hot pink puffy sweater from Patagonia, the whole room let out an “ooohh.” There’s nothing cuter than a baby girl in a big puffy ski outfit!

Patagonia Hot Pink Snow Suit

There was not one but two diaper bags, and they happened to be two of the most stylish. We’ve been long-time fans of the Skip Hop Versa diaper bag (especially in the black and gold) and the Petunia Picklebottom Abundance Boxy Backpack diaper bag is a classic.

skip hop and petunia picklebottom diaper bags

This sweet little striped blanket came in a small package, but packed big-time cuteness punch!

carter's striped girl baby blanket

And, as every true child of the 70s or 80s should, she received a fantastic (and comprehensive) collection of the classic Disney Little Golden Books.

classic disney kids books

Do you have a favorite baby shower gift?


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    Kicky pants are always a go-to for me! If they are clean, that’s what my babies are sleeping in. Jelly cat lovies are also a hit, although I hate to assume which lovies might be “the one” for baby. Other than that, throw in a book or two (love “It’s a Wonderful World” based on the Louis Armstrong hit), SOMETHING off the registry (I almost always choose their baby-wearing or nursing gear, though not that exciting, because they are so essential for me, personally), and some goodies for Momma like hospital jammas or a massage or pedicure gift card. I guess I am kind of a broken record, as these are all on my repeat list!

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