DIY Table Runner

Mother’s Day is next month, and this is a fun project Dad can do with the kids for a personalized way to set the table. This simple and easy DIY table runner would work great for any kids’ party actually.

DIY Table Runner

Roll of parchment paper
Paint (we used white)
Round sponge brush (or you can cut fun shapes from kitchen sponges)

DIY Table Runner Supplies

Measure how long you want the runner to be. My rule of thumb for a runner is for it to hang two feet over the edges of the table on each side. Cut the parchment paper down to size and lay flat.

DIY Table Runner Supplies

Pour a little bit of the paint onto a paper plate for ease of use, and let the kids at it!

Painting the DIY Table Runner

We painted white dots all over ours. Another cute idea is to have the kids sign their table runner with sweet love notes to mom and their names. Have fun with it!

Polka Dot DIY Table Runner

DIY Polka Dot Table Runner


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    Somebody post this to dads’ or husbands’ forums please. Most of us here are moms, and we need for dads to see this and get some inspiration ;-)

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    Yes, you are correct. Looking at the first picture, I never would have guessed it;s just parchment paper.

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