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DIY: Baby Shower Favor

So today’s DIY is pre-baby! Recently, we were asked at the shop to make lavender sachets for baby shower favors. Since they were such a big hit at the shower, I thought I would share a quick and easy tutorial on how to make them. I am sure some of you are either planning a baby shower or know someone who is. These sachets also make great end-of-year teacher’s gifts or that special something for Mother’s Day.

Here are the steps:

1/4 yard of fabric (this also depends on how many sachets you are planning to make)
Rice (any small grain would work)
Pinking Shears
Complementary Thread
Sewing Machine/Hand Sewing Needle
Ribbon or Trim

Step 1: Cut two 5″x5″ squares of your fabric. If you’re making multiple, I suggest creating a pattern using some plain paper or card stock for the square so that you can trace them all on the fabric using an erasable fabric marker or my favorite, the Frixion Pen. After you trace all your squares, cut them out.

Step 2: With wrong sides together, pin and sew around the perimeter of your square. Make sure to leave about 1/2″ of space in the middle of one side to put the rice and lavender in and use a 5/8″ seam allowance (space between your seam and the edge of your fabric) as you sew around.

Step 3: Using your funnel, pour three parts rice to one part lavender. It totals to about 1/2 cup together. It also depends how “stuffed” you would like them to be.

Step 4: Sew the hole closed, and using your pinking shears, cut around the square at the edge.

Voila! Your sachet is finished.

I used a mix of fabrics and thought it would be sweet to give three tied with twine. You could have them sitting at each place setting, and set a place card on top of it. For a small gathering, you could stitch the initial of each guest on the top. This is what I love so much about making things—you can really get creative and give the project your personal touch!


Wednesday 1st of May 2013

Thanks for this DIY. I am definitely going to try making these and try other scents aside from lavender.

Genoveva Botas

Monday 15th of April 2013


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Sunday 14th of April 2013

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Jesycka Fulton

Monday 8th of April 2013

These are so cute! And they look really pretty, too! I love handmade giveaways.


Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

So cute and thoughtful!