Cubby Storage

Somethings never change. When it comes to finding enough storage space for favorite things—clothing or art supplies—I am always looking for a solution. The cubby, or some variation of it, always seems to work great. Whether you have a cubby with closed doors, baskets or just plain open, it is the easiest way I know to keep life organized in a room.

If storage space can be incorporated into the room’s design, it can be a well added aesthetic. Warm woven baskets here look soft and inviting for a child’s space.

image from “Small Rooms for Kids” by Kleine Kinderzimmer

Or try a more hide-and-seek approach with a modern, buttoned up look. Have fun with your surfaces. Graphic elements, such as numbers or animal silhouettes, are a great way to add decor to a much needed storage system.

image from “Small Rooms for Kids” by Kleine Kinderzimmer

In my house, I have a kid room for homework, special art projects or for anything that needs more space and area. My cubby in there is wide open. It is a work space, so having everything open and visible is great, and it stays organized for the next person. I also like the way art supplies look when out and about. You never know when you might be inspired.

image from Annette Tatum Collections/cubby available from

Try out some cubby space in your room. One of my favorite systems to use is from Ikea. This simple, clean system is affordable and so useful, especially for quick storage fixes and temporary room set ups.

image via Heather A. Wilson, Architect

Have fun with your storage plan. Make pick up easier and more fun with a cubby system for your favorite room.

image via Nursery Notations/cubby available from Sprout Furniture


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    These cubby storage units are so modern and pretty! I particularly like those alphabet ones.

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    I think white wicker storage boxes just have a lovely charm to them, especially when they are lined with soft floral fabric.

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