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Say Hello to Charlie Banana, Pinterest Style

Let’s face it, we all know that diapers have the dirtiest job on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they have to dirty the Earth while getting the job done. Our friends at Charlie Banana have developed a solution on how to master the job of a diaper while accomplishing two key tasks: protect the Earth and look fabulous while doing it. To celebrate Charlie Banana and their stunning designs, we’re throwing a party, Pinterest style. Join us on Wednesday, March 20th at 6pm PDT/9pm PDT as we pin eco-friendly nursery designs all inspirited by Charlie Banana’s diapers.

We’ll be collaborating with some of the industry’s most fashionable and stylish bloggers to help us get the job done. Meet our talented hostesses:

Featuring special guest pinners from Charlie Banana, Project Nursery, A Blissful Nest, Savvy Sassy Moms, Stroller in the City, Petite Party Studio and Momma’s Gone City.


Log on Wednesday, March 20th at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to see the pinning in progress or check back after to see our complete Eco-Friendly Nursery Inspiration pinboard.

We promise to bring the “pinspiration”!

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  2. avatar jyukjl says:

    love them love them absolutely love them!!

  3. Are cloth diapers easy to clean? What do moms who do the laundry have to say about cloth diapering?

  4. avatar vera says:

    I love the designs of these diapers!