Painted Dressers in the Nursery

One of our very favorite things about the nursery design world is that we get to play with color, whimsy and childlike fantasy. Recently, there’s been a furniture trend popping up everywhere that definitely fits that bill—painted dressers. We started seeing a few on Pinterest, then on blogs, then at some of our favorite furniture companies. A painted dresser could be considered a design risk, but we say it’s one worth taking.

This mid-century modern dresser has brightly colored vertical stripes painted on it, making it funky and vibrant. We love that the stripes go behind the handles, so they stand out.

colorful painted dresser

This gray flamingo dresser knocked our socks off when we first saw it. The traditional design of the dresser paired with the sweet flamingos makes for a fabulously unique piece.

gray flamingo dresser

We love the vintage vibe from this turquoise and purple chest with brightly colored butterflies. This one is on the smaller side and could work as a nightstand to add a pop in a little girl’s bedroom.

colorful painted dresser

A bit on the edgier side, this artistic piece is covered in gold leaf birds, butterflies and a few odder things too. The shapes are simply silhouettes—chic and classic.

black and gold painted dresser

A painted dresser in a nursery or kid’s room is definitely a statement!


  1. 1

    The black dresser is $9800. !!!!!! That is crazy for a kid’s bedroom. I love all of your ideas but not sure how many people can afford to spend that on just one piece of furniture for their kiddos.

  2. 2

    The grey flamingo dresser is so beautiful! And it’s not just because I love flamingos, but because it’s really uniquely designed and beautifully hand-painted.

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  6. 6

    Not worth it. I mean, the form is nothing spectacular, and I’m sure any good artist can paint a better design. It would have been worth its price if it’s impossible to replicate.

  7. 7

    Yes, that’s a great idea, Kimmy, getting an old dresser for a bargain and then practicing your painting skills on that. Maybe I’ll try that too and then use colors I really really love.

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