Gray Chevron Nursery Trend

I’ve been designing nurseries for over ten years, and never before have I seen a single print, in a single color, explode like gray chevron has. There’s no question that this funky zig-zag style print is the biggest trend of the moment, and the gray color can play into a girl, boy or gender neutral nursery!

I’m not suggesting you run out and purchase everything you can find in gray chevron (and trust me, there’s a lot), but find your favorite piece, and don’t be afraid to incorporate other colors into the mix! If you are really creative, you can even buy gray chevron fabric by the yard. Ready, set…sew!

1. Gray Chevron Shower Curtain 2. Gray Chevron Crib Skirt 3. Gray Chevron Canvas Storage 4.Gray Chevron Step Stool 5. Gray Chevron Accent Slipper Chair 6. Gray Chevron Big Kid Bedding


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    I was wondering why I have had an influx of request to pain “chevron’s” on my custom alphabet name trains! New trend I see! vibrant

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    But isn’t this trend so last year? Not complaining though because I have gotten used to chevron and I have a few chevron pattern pillows scattered around the house.

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