Cupcake Alternatives for the Classroom

With the prevalence of childhood obesity, most parents are keeping a close eye on what goes in their kids’ mouths. Food is such a social thing that we are always celebrating and eating something—a cupcake for a birthday here, a lollipop for a good job there, a sweet for showing up to an activity. It never seems to be just one sweet snack.

So next time there is a celebration and you have to send a treat, why not send something besides a cupcake? Celebrate over berry cups, yogurt-dipped strawberry pops or fruit skewers—something you can feel good about feeding them. For kids (and adults!), it’s all about presentation. Make it look special, add a personal tag, and you’ll have a hit—and it’ll be healthy.

1. Apple berry cups 2. Cheerio clusters from Parents Magazine 3. Yogurt dipped fruit pops from in sock monkey slippers 4. Strawberry mice by Living Locurto 5. Strawberry and waffle skewers from the Family Kitchen


What’s your favorite healthy treat?


  1. 1

    You must have been reading my mind! Birthday parties are celebrated at 10:30am in my son’s class. These are awesome alternatives to the cupcake. Huge thanks!

  2. 2

    What great ideas – healthy, eye catchy, cute,… love the apple berry cups!!

  3. 3
  4. 4

    I always have a “fruit bar” with lots of healthy stuff on it when I have parties. I am constantly surprised how often the desserts are by-passed in favor of the good-for-you-stuff! I hear the same reports from parents I know who send in healthy snacks for the classroom. All in how you present it. :)

  5. 5

    Those apple berry cups look nice. I hope carving those apples isn’t as time-consuming as it looks.

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