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Room Tour: Hipster Nursery

Today we’re showcasing a nursery that rocks a chevron wall and an indoor swing chair on Project Nursery’s YouTube Channel.

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  1. avatar rJNDQjcw says:


    Room Tour: Hipster Nursery

  2. avatar marianne says:

    I really like the decor and the colors, but I am afraid that the design is a little too energetic rather than calming for a little one to sleep well.

  3. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I think that no matter how stable something is, when it’s overused, there’s always a chance it will give way.

  4. How do you keep the rope or chain in place? Doesn’t too much swinging lead to it giving way eventually?

  5. avatar phyllis says:

    Lovely chevron wall! It makes such a strong statement about the room.

  6. avatar BeachKat1 says:

    Hi – The swing is stable (and a lot of fun and comfortable!) – but you have to drill through the ceiling and attach it to a ceiling joist (these run along the ceiling, just like studs run along the wall). You could use either a rope or a chain – then hide the hole with one of those chandelier things (can’t think of the word right now)……

  7. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    Not only that, Kimmy, but what kind of reinforcement do you need to make on your ceiling?

  8. I’ve always wanted one of those swinging chairs, just like that one! How safe and stable are they, by the way?