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Hey readers, just a heads up—you can now find Pam and Melisa’s expert design advice being dished out over at Stroller Traffic. The ladies have kicked off 2013 by naming this year’s top nursery trends, and most recently, they revealed their love for honeycomb, aka the new chevron!

Honeycomb Crib Bedding by Carousel Designs

If you’re not subscribed to Stroller Traffic, you’re definitely missing out. Stroller Traffic is the free weekly email and website for city moms with kids under three founded by former New York magazine editor. We genuinely live by it here at PN.


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    Funny, Jillian, how you love something a lot and not know its name. But I am just as guilty as you are in that department. I used to love these Japanese wooden dolls and didn’t know they were called kokeshi dolls until I had already collected about 7 of them!

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