Mint, Anyone?

As designers, sometimes we stretch our imaginations to come up with the next “big idea,” but, sometimes, the next big thing is staring us in the face, everywhere we go. We all know that trends can go either way—from fabulously wonderful (welcome back, wallpaper!) to tastefully questionable (mustache wallpaper?). One trend we’re both noticing in a big way, and embracing fully, is mint green. We’re seeing it everywhere, from clothing stores to design centers, and we think this color is a great choice for a nursery design.

Mint green is one of those amazing colors that transcends design styles. It works perfectly in just about every style—from modern…

modern bedroom in mint green

Photo via Pinterest

…to traditional…

…to Hollywood Regency and beyond.

This lovely and timeless shade pairs perfectly with blues, deeper greens and neutrals for an adorable boy’s room. Alternatively, try mixing mint green with virtually any shade of pink, lavender and, of course, metallic anything, for a beautiful girl’s room. A little throwback here, remember the days of mint green as the perfect gender neutral? We say, bring it back and add a twist!

Another fun factor with this color is that it pairs equally well with spring’s sorbet-inspired pales as it does with the deeper, more sultry hues that appeal to so many of us.

Whatever your taste, if you’re looking for inspiration, try passing around a little mint this spring. You won’t regret it!


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