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Kids’ Rooms Personalized

We all look for those special ways to make our little ones’ rooms personalized just for them. I’m always searching for new and meaningful items to add to my daughter’s room, so here are a few ideas I have recently found to do just that.

Add a fun monogram or name pillow to the mix of stuffed animals on the bed or rocker. I love these for their simplicity, and they can transition easily to his or her big kid room.

Monogram Pillow

Moustache Pillow

Make a collage on your child’s wall of his or her initials, favorite song or nursery rhyme with a name banner. I made this one for my own daughter.

Have a custom canvas art print made. I love these! Personalize with their name and colors in their room, then add a silhouette in the middle of their favorite toy. It makes a great keepsake for later too.

Embrace and personalize your baby’s space! Have fun with it, and make it as unique as possible.

Andrea Lowe

Sunday 17th of February 2013

I love anything that personalizes an otherwise generic space or stuff. It makes things look more special and more exclusive. And I'd say pillows, wall arts, wall monograms are the easiest way to add a personalized touch to a room.

Jillian Scotts

Saturday 16th of February 2013

Canvas art prints look like a good personalization idea! For sure the design options are endless!