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Jazz Up Your Dining with Nuna Zaaz

We introduced you to Nuna—the successful European baby gear company that is now making their mark in the US—last month. Now we want to share their innovative highchair, the Zaaz. You know here at Project Nursery we think function and great looking design are not mutually exclusive terms. The Zaaz finds a way to blend both into a chair boasting great features and functionality that won’t make you flinch every time you look at it (I’m talking to you, neon, jungle animal-print high chair).

Just like the Nuna Leaf, the Zaaz is not a single stage item. You can use the Zaaz from babyhood (once baby can sit unassisted) to…adulthood really. The chair supports weight up to 220 lbs. As you can see below, the chair is adaptable for each age. The tray, armbar, foot rest, buckles and even the cushion are all easily removable. The seat raises and lowers, depending on your needs. There are also no set heights (other than the tallest and lowest settings, of course), so you can really fine-tune the chair to your particular table.
I’ll admit, it took me a minute to get a handle on the 5-point buckle system. It hooks together a bit differently than your average high chair (see those top straps in the picture below, they slide into the side straps and then snap into the buckle). I definitely suggest looking at the instruction manual the first time you attempt it, but after using the chair a few times, it’s really no bother at all. This actually allows you to convert the harness from a 5-point to a 3-point for your toddler. My little guy is especially tall and narrow, so I had some trouble with the straps sliding off his shoulders; I ended up criss-crossing them to get a better fit.

The tray is really meant as a tool for the parent when feeding a young baby. Once baby is feeding himself, you can remove the tray, push the chair up to your dining table and adjust the height of the chair so that the table is positioned right above the removable armbar. I love this because it really makes baby feel like they are eating with the rest of the family and minimizes mess. This is really where that adjustable height comes in handy.

That said, despite the gap between the tray and baby, which could make things a bit messy, my one-year-old frequently snacks in his chair that way if he’s watching me cook dinner, and the mess is minimal. I wouldn’t suggest giving your baby their first try at self-feeding spaghetti with the tray though!

All removable parts, besides the cushion, are dishwasher safe, and the Zaaz is built with limited crevices, which makes it really easy to wipe down. The only spot I have to check for crumbs is right where the armbar hooks into the seat next to the buckle. My last high chair had a padded cover that was full of seams and crevices; it was seriously a pain to clean out. Now don’t think that just because the Zaaz is smooth that it lacks in comfort—that cushion is seriously cushy.

I truly love the Zaaz—it looks great in my home, both my one-year-old and three-year-old can sit in it comfortably, its great features make my life easier, and I love that my kids can use it for years.

Editor’s Note: There was a voluntary recall on this product on 2/11/2016. If you own the chair, go here for details and find out how to receive the repair kit.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
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Jillian Scotts

Saturday 16th of February 2013

This chair's so cool. I love the fact that even adults can sit on it!

Alison Mar

Wednesday 13th of February 2013

When you said it is adaptable to kids at any age, I first thought of the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. I fell in love with that one the first time I saw it. Mainly because it's made of wood and it has a modern, minimalist design. But looking at this one, I have a feeling it's more durable and I love the idea that it's dishwasher safe and that there are practically no crevices. Crevices are something I really really hate!

Andrea Lowe

Sunday 17th of February 2013

Yes, those hard-to-clean corners and crevices are just a bugger. That's truly the one thing I hate the most in my old high chair!