High vs. Low: Round Leather Mirrors

I’ve always loved the look of a round iron mirror hanging with leather straps; they’re rustic, masculine and chic all in one. The version I initially fell in love with was by Jamie Young and was $587.

 Ballard Design has a Round Leather Mirror in almost an exact copy for $499.

And now The Land of Nod has their Buckle Mirror for only $159.

 The only thing left to do is pick one and find a place for it in your home!


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    Round leather mirrors must be a hot trend! You are always on it Andrika. Thanks so much for sharing this high/low find.

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    Same here. I believe mirrors are potential statement pieces, but based on these pictures, nada. These mirrors look more practical and utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing.

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    Nice post. All the stuff is really beautiful and attractive. These round mirrors are an eye-catching addition to any modern suite, simple, classic, aesthetic styling. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.

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