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High vs. Low: Round Leather Mirrors

I’ve always loved the look of a round iron mirror hanging with leather straps; they’re rustic, masculine and chic all in one. The version I initially fell in love with was by Jamie Young and was $587.

 Ballard Design has a Round Leather Mirror in almost an exact copy for $499.

And now The Land of Nod has their Buckle Mirror for only $159.

 The only thing left to do is pick one and find a place for it in your home!

White Wood Mirror

Friday 26th of June 2020

Nice post. All the stuff is really beautiful and attractive. These round mirrors are an eye-catching addition to any modern suite, simple, classic, aesthetic styling. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.

Jacquiline Bertny

Monday 4th of March 2013

I have yet to see one in person. Maybe I'd find it nice then. But these photos alone don't do it for me.

Ross Neytiri

Wednesday 6th of March 2013

Same here. I believe mirrors are potential statement pieces, but based on these pictures, nada. These mirrors look more practical and utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing.


Monday 4th of March 2013

These mirrors seem really interesting. I wonder how they look like for real.


Thursday 28th of February 2013

Round leather mirrors must be a hot trend! You are always on it Andrika. Thanks so much for sharing this high/low find.

Dina @ Honey & Fitz

Thursday 28th of February 2013

Love these mirrors and you'll be happy to know that Target has even gotten in on the action with their captain's mirror for $29.99! Same great look, just a little smaller but perfect for a child's room. I saw it at my local Target last week.