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Design Reveal: Budget-Friendly Playroom

I have not revealed a playroom in a while, so I’m excited to share this budget-friendly design with you all today. This client of mine has three boys and wanted a space where they could work on puzzles, build legos, do homework and read.

They were on a budget, so instead of having custom built-ins made, we did the next best thing and used IKEA Expedit units. They fit like a glove in this space and almost look like a custom piece. To create an additional seating area, we had a seat made for the single row Expedit unit shown above and made it into a window seat. The green bins from Target fit perfectly into the storage squares and nicely accent the sprout color used in the computer nook and on the Pottery Barn chair. Two walls in the space are painted with chalkboard paint to encourage creativity and daily notes to each other.   

The Parsons play table and chairs are from West Elm but are unfortunately no longer available. Since the tables are lacquered, crayon and marker marks wipe off very easily. We had a large custom pin board made in orange burlap to match the table for a place for the boys to rotate their artwork. We did have a few custom pillows made to add some whimsical prints to the space.

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  2. […] Download Image More @ […]

  3. avatar Patty Law says:

    I’m also interested in the Earth and Ocean prints. Details, please! :)

  4. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    Hope you can feature more projects like this. More on the budget-friendly side. Most of what you feature are kinda pricy and high-end, though can’t blame you because these are sponsors :D

  5. Just proves how you can come up with something stylish, lovely and functional without having to spend lots of money.

  6. avatar Robynn says:

    I love this room and how functional it sems! Can you tell me where you got the earth and ocean artwork?

  7. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    I agree! Everything looks so modern and posh and stylish. And brand new even!

  8. Wow. Doesn’t look like it was done on a budget. At all!