Zen Swaddle Mimics a Parent’s Touch

How many of you have stood hovered over your baby’s crib patting his or her belly trying to get those sleepy little eyes to stay shut? I had a whole technique—first steady patting, then I would stop patting and just lay my hand there, then I would lift one finger at a time and slowly take my hand off his belly and tiptoe out the door. What if you could leave that reassuring weight with your little one as he or she slept?

The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean does just that.

The swaddle is lightly weighted at the sides and the center to apply gentle pressure to mimic the feeling of being held. Combining the benefits of swaddling and the sensation of touch is bound to get you and your little one a little extra sleep.

The swaddle is 100% cotton and the Peaceful Touch (center weight) and Loving Embrace (side weights) are filled with poly-beads that are free of harmful chemicals. The swaddle is two sizes in one. You can use the interior pouch for tiny babies to ensure they don’t slide down into the swaddle, and you can keep baby’s legs out of the interior pouch—but still covered with the outer swaddle—once he or she is longer.

Oh my goodness, how snuggy does this baby look?

Would you try the Zen Swaddle for your baby?

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
Project Nursery received a sample for review.


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    I can truly relate, Alison! Every time I see really adorable and cuddly
    babies, I just want to have one more! Not to mention all the cool new
    products just starting to pop out right now!

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    You can take a look at the site. It only comes in white, but there are four designs. One is plain, the one has tiny dots, the one has pods design and the last has wheels.

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