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Trendspotting with Sam: Graphic, Green & Gold

Design is constantly evolving. We take what we love and build upon it with a fresh look or twist or maybe we move in a completely new direction. Keep your finger on the pulse of design with me, and check out my forecasts for what will be chic and neat in 2013 nursery design.

Trend: Dimensional Graphic Pattern

For the past several years, bold graphic prints (big stripes, trellis, greek key) have been very important. Clean and modern chevron became a very popular staple in 2012, it was originally an art deco motif. Graphic prints are here to stay; however, I see them being built upon with depth and dimension.

The all important accent wall can be layered with these stunning, easy-to-install wall panels from Inhabit. Paint them any color or with a simple coat of white; in flat finish or high gloss, these babies add depth, dimension and a great style statement!

Trend: Art Deco

Tin ceilings became all the rage around the turn of the century. Well, they are coming back! They are another great way to add graphic pattern to your space in an unexpected way. Use them on ceilings, walls or below/above chair rails. With amazing resources like Brian Greer’s Tin Ceilings, you can choose from many gorgeous options, including panels, medallions, trim and borders. The 24″x24″ tile below is very art deco inspired, which, with the upcoming film The Great Gatsby, is yet another style trend for 2013. (I’m working on a project right now with a newly installed tin ceiling; look for a reveal coming in the next few months.)

The Regency Crib pictured below from ducduc is another way to add graphic pattern and dimension. It is totally customizable, made in America and super pretty.

Trend: Modern Lighting & Emerald Green

While I will never say no to an over-the-top sparkling crystal chandelier, the trend right now is moving towards the modern. One amazing way to add a current twist to a more staid room is to add a few modern elements like the FL/Y suspension lamp below. With an emerald green option, you can hit two trends with one piece. Emerald green is pantone’s color of the year and, coincidentally, my favorite color!

I have always wanted to visit the Emerald City, and if I did, I bet the nurseries would have door knobs like this.

Trend: More Gallery Walls

We saw a lot of gallery walls in the Project Nursery gallery last year, and I bet we’ll see even more this year. As a culture, personalization is becoming more and more important. We love to personalize everything from the cover of our iPhones to our birthday parties. I often hear feedback from clients saying they don’t want one item or another because they have seen it too frequently in other people’s homes. Self-curated gallery wall compositions are very hot. The nursery gallery wall below is so fun. There is a ton of flexibility with this look, as the theme can be based in color and composition vs. actual content.

Trend: Abstract Art

Referencing the fabu designers from Little Crown Interiors, abstract art is an evolving trend for 2013. While representational artwork will always be the mainstay, parents that want artwork that can grow with their child are leaning towards the abstract. These pieces are colorful, fun and leave a lot to the viewer’s imagination to interpret what they are seeing. Below is a print from one of my favorite artists, Mark Rothko. His work is strong and soft at the same time.

Trend: Gold

For some time now, we have been focused on silver as our go-to metallic. However, I have been noticing gorgeous gold and brass tones showing up more and more in the world of design. They have ditched the tacky stereotype and have prevailed cool, slick and fabulous! Gold and brass tones add a rich warmth and feel new again. Go for the gold.

This console from Dwell Studio is covered with gold leaf squares. It can grow with baby all the way to adulthood.

Go trendy or buck the system and set a trend! Whatever you choose, make it your own and a reflection of your personal style. May 2013 be a beautiful year.

Nella Atkinson

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

I'm really glad pantone’s color of the year is emerald green. I decorated my living room in that color three years ago, and now, it can finally be considered trendy.

Ross Neytiri

Monday 7th of January 2013

The Regency Crib is gorgeous. And yay for gallery walls! I don't think they'll ever be out of trend.