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Sway Your Baby to Sleep in the Nuna LEAF

You may have spotted the Nuna LEAF in our holiday gift guide, and it’s no wonder because this baby/child seat sure is a looker. European company Nuna just recently launched their successful line of baby gear in the US.

The seat’s revolutionary swaying mechanism sways for 2-3 minutes from a single push with no cords or batteries to worry about—that natural sway means no whirring, clicking or buzzing that you might get with motorized baby seats/swings; the mechanism is produced in a sterile environment so dust and dirt do not affect the smooth, swaying motion of the finished product. As any experienced mother knows, a mama can get a lot done in three minutes before you may have to come back and give the LEAF another gentle push. And who knows? With a seat this comfy, your little one may stay snoozing without any motion at all.

Nuna believes that products should be built to last in terms of durability of materials and longevity of use. Not only can you use this seat for every baby you have, your kids can continue to use it as a comfy chair up to 130 pounds! And my three-year-old can attest to the comfort of the LEAF. He sits in it and gently sways when he’s doing a little rest time or watching TV. Every toddler loves to wiggle, and the LEAF will respond with its swaying motion every time, much to my son’s delight. The swaying mechanism can also be locked easily for play or feeding purposes or when your little wiggler gets too rambunctious!

Though the seat can be used from infancy to up to 130 pounds, be careful once your baby becomes mobile. When your little rolling, crawling, cruising or toddling baby is in their go-go-go phase, you will probably want to take a break from the seat. My little guy is eleven months old and can’t be bothered to sit because he’s so busy exploring, so I know he would attempt to climb out on his own. It’s just a matter of time before he relearns the joys of relaxing. In the meantime, my three-year-old is happy to have the seat all to himself.

The LEAF is a real beauty. You won’t mind having this child seat out in the living room; there are no crazy patterns, flashing lights or cords. Hey, its high-design style looks a lot better than some of my adult furniture! The removable cotton insert is 100% organic, and the mesh back makes the seat breathable. The harness velcros for easy access for your baby. If you plan to lay a sleeping baby in the LEAF, I would suggest leaving the straps open and ready for your baby before laying him or her in since the loud noise of opening the velcro may wake your little snoozer, then once you lay the baby down you can strap baby in.

Both my kiddos needed motion to help them fall asleep as tiny babies. Let the Nuna LEAF help your little ones sway the day away with relaxing slumbers.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
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Thursday 5th of January 2017

Does anyone know if it is safe to allow baby to sleep in this daily for about 6 months?


Sunday 17th of July 2016

Wow! Unique and wonderful. No doubt parent will like this but that is enough to give a latest and well design bed to your baby. The material of your baby sleeping accessories also plays a vital role to keep our baby healthy. No doubt each baby is different and need different mode of sleeping. The primary reason of a healthy sleep is nothing more than an organic, natural and comfortable sleeping material.

Gwen M

Thursday 6th of June 2013

So funny that I came across this thread as I emailed the company before I purchased my Leaf seat asking the same thing! They explained to me that they try to make items to be as safe for babies as possible while still sticking to government standards, which is why the padding is the way it is. I did a lot of research and the padding looks like it would have that issue no matter what the product/brand so I went ahead and got the Leaf. All I can say is my little girl loves to sway in the seat and I am happy that the infant insert is soft and organic- which is important since this is the part that touches her. The other fabric on the seat is oeko-tex- which is an added plus in my book. Overall – great product and I would recommend it.


Monday 25th of November 2013

Threw mine in the trash!!! Do not use for babies older than 6 months!!! Babies after this age will not sit still unless they are sleeping. If you leave them sitting in this chair they can easily undo the Velcro, lean forward and fall flat on their face. My baby did this, thank God I as right next to him and nothing bad happened. We both got a big scare though :( So it's not that safe for babies..


Tuesday 12th of March 2013

You may want to do your research. I contacted the company and within the same day received a confirmation that while the fabrics used are oeko tex certified, the padding in both their LEAF bouncer and the Sena travel crib are both treated with toxic flame retardants. Hardly "organic" as you are claiming above!

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