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Party Reveal: Palette Perfect

Are you having trouble picking the perfect theme for your baby’s first birthday? Try using a great color palette to pull your party together for a great effect without a “traditional theme.” For sweet little Parker, we opted for a palette of colors that matched an outfit her mom had bought for the occasion.

Hot pink, turquoise and orange were fresh and sweet with just the right amount of pop.

Personalized decoupaged letters, made by Parker’s mommy, were perfect for the party and then a sweet keepsake for her room later.

Simple desserts and grab-and-go food were served on a traditional candy table.

We created a memory tree in the backyard—8×10 photos from Parker’s first year were enlarged, mounted on card stock and then hung from the tree.

What a beautiful way to be able to share your baby’s first year with everyone!

Some of my other favorite color schemes for a first birthday:

For a Girl: Yellow and Hot Pink, Purple and Pink, Pink and Green, Pink, Turquoise and Yellow

For a Boy: Red and Turquoise, Green and Navy, Orange and Navy, Red, Yellow and Green, Yellow and Powder Blue


Wednesday 30th of January 2013

i'm totally with you on your color combination choices!

Nella Atkinson

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

The dress is really lovely and I like the colors, too. It was brilliant to base the party's colors from the dress. Makes things a lot easier.

Ross Neytiri

Monday 7th of January 2013

Get color inspiration from the birthday attire. Now that's an idea!