Fab Find: Curl Baby Shoe Rack

Now that my daughter is walking all over the place, I’m finding myself inundated with adorable shoes that end up all over the house since she just grabs them off her closet shelf. The Curl Baby Shoe Rack by Boon is a stylish, modern and practical decor piece, which combines form with function. I absolutely love it. Why hide all those cute shoes in the closet or in a drawer?

Display them on the rack (preferably above a walker’s reach), and your child’s outfit will forever be perfectly accessorized. It holds up to seven pairs of shoes. Then once your little one’s shoes get too big for the rack, it makes an adorable rack to hang hats, superhero capes and fairy wings!


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    This rack is really cute, though I am not really comfortable with hanging footwear because I prefer storing them horizontally so the dust and dirt on the soles don’t flying about.

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