DIY: Pacifier Clips

Anyone with a baby who loves her pacifier knows what a frustration it can be for that thing to drop on the ground over and over again. Sure you can buy a pacifier clip, but why not make your own?

You can whip up some adorable pacifier clips using colorful ribbon, mitten clips and some basic stitching supplies. This was such a simple and fun project that I made a whole bunch, which works out perfectly since I have a few baby gifts I am putting together for friends. They will make great gift toppers!

Assorted 3/4″ – 1″ ribbon cut in 8 1/2″ – 9″ pieces
Elastic Cord – approximately 1/8″ in diameter
Mitten Clips (you can find these at your local craft store)
Tape Measure/Ruler
Matching or complementary all-purpose sewing thread
Sewing Machine or Sewing Needle

Step 1: Cut your ribbon into 8 1/2” pieces and slide one end through the mitten clip, making sure to leave 1” excess so that you can fold the edge under twice. Be sure that the finished length is short and cannot get wrapped around your baby’s neck. Use a shorter length if necessary. Pin and sew in place. If you are using a sewing machine, I suggest using your zipper foot so that you can get in close to the clip and sew the ribbon securely—stitch across a few times.

Step 2: On the other end of the ribbon, place the edge of a 4” piece of elastic cord 1” in and fold the end over twice and pin in place. Stitch in an “X” to really secure everything. It also looks nicer.

Now you are ready to attach your pacifier by looping the elastic cord through the hole or handle of the pacifier, then the whole clip loops through itself.

You are all set! Keep in mind, your baby should never play with or chew on the metal clip, so please only use while baby is awake and supervised.

Tip: Don’t forget, for those of you who do not have a sewing machine, you can follow the above steps, but stitch everything using a needle and thread, just be sure that everything is very well secured.


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    Hi Rachel! This is a lovely project. It makes a really beautiful personalized gift for baby showers :)

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    oh… why i don’t think for this one before… this is so cute. Will make this one if I have my second baby and will tell my friends about this.Thanks for sharing this home-made pacifier clips.

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