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Classic Nursery Design

I am starting the new year with an homage to classic style—timeless not trendy, steeped in tradition but not nostalgic. Few things last forever; that’s what makes classic style so remarkable. While many of the current must-haves are passé within a matter of months, the familiar textures, traditional silhouettes and crisp colors of classic style keep your room feeling comfortable and reassuring throughout the year.

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Understated, but far from boring, the classic palette consists of basic black, white, cream, navy, red, green and brown. Patterns tend to be subtle—tweeds, basketweave, pinstripes, greek key and houndstooth are perfect accents to signature fabrics like linens and cotton.

Regal Stripe Pearl, Cane Castle and Charme Pearl Fabrics from Annette Tatum

The styles’ essential color combination is a mix on monochromatic neutrals—a light tone to catch the eye, a dark for depth and a third medium shade to provide balance.

Simplified Nursery Bedding in creme from Annette Tatum

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The classic style room is designed with attention to practical details. Chairs and rugs are in functional fabrics, stylish yet sensible. Still, it is always a good idea to break character with a few vibrant or trendy accents.

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There is no question, classic style benefits from adding your own quirky perspective to the time-tested formula, so don’t shy away from adding your personal monogram and reacquaint yourself with the classics.

image by Sadie Olive

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Wednesday 30th of January 2013

Classic design really goes a long way. It never goes out of style. The things you used for designing a classic space will still be tasteful even a decade after.

Amber Powers

Tuesday 15th of January 2013

I really think nothing beats classic when it comes to home decorating. And fashion. Literature too. And, oh, movies.