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Announcing BabyList: Register from Anywhere

I must admit that there was something thrilling about stepping foot into Babies ‘R’ Us and asking for the scanner to register for my first baby. By day’s end however, it became equally as miserable. I’ll never forget standing in a gear aisle, staring at a row of bouncers and something so foreign to me called the “ExcerSaucer” (which I later grew to love), when either my husband or my mother said, “Hurry up, and register for one.” Sheer panic then set in. They were all hideous. What was a girl to do?

No matter the research I had done prior to my store visit, I couldn’t remember it all. Exhausted, I ultimately scanned a bunch of items that everyone else had, and hours later I wondered, “What did I really register for?”

Fast-forward to present day, and who knew the web would become such a game changer in the world of baby registries! Sure, many first-time parents want to touch and feel products in-store, but the beauty of the registry we’re introducing today, BabyList, is that expecting parents can now carefully curate their own lists of whatever they desire for baby from wherever they choose. No longer are you forced to stay within a single big-box store or faced with having to settle because you were rushed to do so. BabyList is an online registry system that lets you add items from any store—big stores, small boutiques,—or for things like newborn photography, doulas and home-cooked meals!

BabyList was developed by new mom Natalie Gordon, who shared a very similar frustration to mine. Days before having her first child, she launched a tool that would help moms across the country register at any store, at anytime. Much like our beloved Pinterest, one can download a BabyList button for their browser, search the web for top baby products and services and then “Add to BabyList.” A link to the list can then be shared with friends and family. It’s as simple as that.

Today, I would register very differently, and while I am not expecting, I got to register all over again with the advice of my dearest friend Pam—just like we did nearly six years ago. Using BabyList, we put together a tried-and-true collection of modern, gender-neutral registry must-haves for the urban, minimalist.

We hope you enjoy our exciting new partnership with BabyList and see the value in it as we do. Please visit Project Nursery’s NEW Baby Registry Checklist to help get you started and make registering a breeze.

Happy Registering!
Melisa & Pam

Amber Powers

Tuesday 15th of January 2013

This is an awesome idea. It would be like a one-stop shop for everything you want and need. No more inconvenient store hopping for you and your friends/family.

Serena and Lily

Friday 11th of January 2013

[...] week with the launch of our Personalized Baby Registry Checklist, a wonderful partnership with Project Nursery and seeing our good friend, Amy from the Pregnant Chicken, release her awesomely hilarious [...]

Natalie Gordon

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

Thanks Melissa! Everyone has got to check out your registry. It has such lovely (and useful) things.

Nella Atkinson

Wednesday 9th of January 2013

This is great. It's nice to know that gone were the days when you have to limit the things you "want" to whatever you can find in one store. Either that or you register in more than one store just to get the items you want and need -- which wouldn't be convenient for friends and family at all.