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Vintage Nursery Style

When it comes to nursery decor, a vintage look is always a sweet way to welcome home a baby—soft and simple with a little bit of nostalgia—perfect for baby.

image via ELLE DECOR

When designing a nursery, I always try to incorporate a little bit of something special. Finding a memento from a family member or even from your favorite antique shop always adds that special touch to the nursery.

image by Meg Fish

Vintage style also provides the perfect color palette. Soft creams and tans with sprinkles of pale roses and faded blues round out the perfect color story.

image via ELLE DECOR

Add twinkle and sparkle with one-of-a-kind finds that make your room your own.

image via Kelly Murray

 Do you like the vintage look for nurseries?

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  2. avatar Phyllis says:

    Vintage has a certain romanticism to it :)

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  4. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    I agree, Jillian. I love modern decor and modern elements, too, but there’s that stiff and no-nosense aura to them. Maybe because of their minimalist look, their clean lines. and the lack of story in the new pieces. Vintage items, on the other hand, have a story to to tell and they represent a graceful curves, delicate details, and old-world charm.

  5. And vintage elements always have that warm and cozy and homely feel to them. The kind that envelopes you in a loving embrace when you come home.

  6. avatar Lexieengland says:

    Love it! I tried to incorporate some antique pieces to give the nursery a classic look. Hung an antique shelf with knobs above the crib to hang memorable items on such as home from hospital gown, first pictures, tutu, etc…