Room Tour: Tori Spelling’s Baby Boy Nursery

We showed you Tori Spelling’s new nursery a couple of weeks ago. Today, hear what Pam and Melisa have to say about the nursery on Project Nursery’s YouTube Channel.

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    I just wonder why she only shared Finn’s room. I mean, she’s got four kids, and I don’t recall seeing photos of her other kids’ nurseries here.

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    Well, it’s really none of our business. But with this nursery being so daring and reflective of Tori’s amazing taste, I too am very curious about how the other nurseries looked like.

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    I just love this room. I haven’t seen any other giraffe-themed room that’s as consistent with the theme as this is. So many giraffe details here!

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    I am looking for an orange changing pad cover, and it looks like she used one in Finn’s nursery. Any idea where to get that? It looks like the Nook design, but I only see it available in white.

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    Hi HPT! We custom made that changing pad for Tori so we don’t offer it in our full line. We have made a few others for fans of this nursery. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you are interested.

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