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Readers’ Favorite: Fire Truck Themed Birthday

This party is on fire, no pun intended! Congratulations to on creating a party that would make any child dream of a career as a firefighter! From the firemen balloons to the fire hydrant cookies to the flaming hot foods on the menu, you covered it all. Fireworks were clearly going off with this thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed party.

Fire Truck Themed Birthday by
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  1. Nice one! I’m sure it was a big hit! Which boy doesn’t dream of being a fire fighter at some point?

  2. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I had wanted to do a firefighter-themed party for my son a few years ago, but I settled for another theme that was easier to “execute.” Had I known about those fire hydrant cups and the fireman hats, I would have pushed through with it.

  3. avatar PN_Melisa says:

    Amazing! Great way to kick off the year. So thrilled you shared Amy.

  4. avatar Amy Mahoney says:

    Thank you for the recognition! I had a great time putting it together.