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Giraffe Mania

While walking on the Upper West Side, we spotted these big and gorgeous giraffes, and we imagined how great they would look painted in glossy, bright colors. We thought they would be just right for a playroom where kids could run around them or simply climb them all day long.

Maybe not everybody is ready for a giant giraffe in their home, but there are lots of ways to incorporate the long-necked creatures into your child’s decor.

Bholu is quite well-known for their orange monkey rug—in fact, we used it in a monkey-themed nursery we designed for a client—nevertheless we would like to highlight this 100% wool and very soft Quinton Giraffe rug.

This “LOVE Carries All Even a Giraffe” artwork, printed on a repurposed dictionary page, is adorable and original. It could be framed in a traditional wooden frame or, for a modern effect, mounted onto an acrylic panel.

The Glenna Jean pink giraffe pillow is whimsical and fun. We just love simple design combined with humor.

Last, but not least, our favorite giraffe is still the wall decal designed by Littlelion Studio—the Floral Giraffe. It’s simply a poetic image of Africa’s most graceful animal.


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  1. avatar Gina says:

    Tori Spellings’ new baby has got of giraffe accessories in his room. it’s amazing how she got to collect all those cutesies!

  2. […] Project Nursery acknowledged the giraffe trend with a collection of adorable giraffe accents for nurseries of any style, including the Littlelion Studio Wall Decal from […]

  3. The giraffe artwork is really cute! If only giraffe wasn’t overused already, I’d love to have giraffes in my house too.

  4. avatar Alona says:

    What are these giraffes made of? Wood, plaster of paris, ceramic? I agree, they’d be nice if painted with bright colors.

  5. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I just commented in a newer post about how giraffes should have been included in the top nursery trends for 2012. Giraffes are really becoming one of the nursery faves, aside from owls and birds and monkeys.