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DIY: Holiday Wreath

So the stockings are hung, and now you need something fabulous to hang above them on your mantle. Here is a really easy DIY holiday wreath that you can make with your kiddos for $4, and it is simply gorgeous! Would you believe this is made from coffee filters? Read on and see how to make your very own.

DIY Holiday Wreath

Supplies: a raffia wreath (found at our local craft store), 2 packs of coffee filters (we got ours at the Dollar Store) and a hot glue gun

Get the kids involved by having them separate the coffee filters and twist them as you glue them onto the wreath. Start gluing the filters on the inside and work your way out and around until the entire wreath is covered. No need to cover the back since it will be laying flat. Once the entire wreath is covered and filled in, some areas may need to be trimmed a little with scissors. Now take a step back and admire your work!

DIY Holiday Wreath

Feeling extra crafty? Continue decorating your wreath by adding ball ornaments or ribbon. Do you have a great holiday DIY that the kids love? Share with us below!

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  3. avatar Beth_PN says:

    Rebecca purchased the ball ornament garland at target. I bet you could whip up your own though!

  4. avatar Lilia says:

    Beautiful! Is the garland of ball ornament also handmade? I’d love a tutorial for that :)

  5. Now that is an amazing craft idea, Phyllis! I’d like to try this wreath for Halloween, too!

  6. avatar Phyllis says:

    This is wonderful! My husband and I have given up coffee and we still have a bunch of filters left! And I guess the great thing about this wreath is that it is white and flexible. You can just add accents to it, depending on the season. Like for Christmas, we can add red and green ribbons or little Christmas balls, or even accents of pine cones or hollies to make it look Christmasy. To make it a Fall or Halloween wreath, we can add dried flowers or corn husks, or maybe some Halloween-themed cut-outs.

  7. avatar Manny Quin says:

    Rebecca, I now name you Project Nursery’s Queen of DIYs! Can’t wait for more tutorials from you!

  8. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    So neat. A wreath out of coffee filters. I just hope it’s as easy to do as it looks. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

  9. Cool. I was just looking for the perfect DIY Christmas wreath tutorial. And the different kinds of wreaths I found in Pinterest are just awesome too!